What is public liability compensation?

Moving outdoors in public places can sometimes turn risky and result in accidents. If you have been part of an accident in a public place like a mall, railway station, airport, hotel, roads, or shop, you are liable to get compensated. It is called public liability compensation. In such cases, the entity or the individual or the local authority that owns the property or is responsible for maintaining the place is liable to compensate you for the injuries and damages. 

Applying for public liability claims and seeking compensation for damages is not an easy affair. It is a very complicated legal landscape, and you should consider speaking to a qualified and experienced public liability lawyer. A person who knows the legal system’s ins and outs and completely thorough with the domain of public liability. 

Types of public liability claims

The types include:

  • Accidents on rented premises. In this case, the landlord or the tenant is responsible.
  • Accidents in a public place like a park. The park management is responsible in this case.
  • Accident in the school or college premises.
  • Injuries on private premises like a mall or a shopping center.
  • Sexual and physical assault 
  • Food poisoning in a public place like a hotel or a restaurant.
  • Dog bites and attacks on private premises 
  • Accidents in airplanes or boating injuries.
  • Injuries related to sporting venues like an accident during jet-ski or diving.

To get the best possible public liability compensation, you or your lawyer needs to prove three things:

  1. You need to prove that an individual or the business entity was at fault.
  2. That the person/s concerned breached the duty of care.
  3. Injuries caused as a result of this breach and the losses that you suffered.

You can fight with the insurance company on your own, but having a legal expert to help you can make things a lot easy and fast.