Reasons to hire a lawyer in a traffic accident

A road accident is an accident that occurs on the road network, with one or more vehicles. It can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, as well as cyclists, pedestrians, animals, etc. Find the details more on .

Knowing the right reflexes right after a road accident

Immediately after the accident, your traffic lawyers fayetteville nc is the preferred contact person for the first steps. Only a pedestrian accidents lawyer lawrenceville ga specializing in road accidents will be able to help you adopt the right reflexes, as soon as the accident occurs.

At the scene of the traffic accident

After a serious accident, notify the emergency services if necessary and carry out the first safety measures. Then, your lawyer will be able to tell you the first things to do at the scene of the accident. Indeed, you must identify all the evidence related to the accident to determine who is responsible. If there are witnesses at the scene of the accident, your lawyer will tell you to take their contact details.

Case of an accident without a report on the day of the accident

A motorcyclist is struck by a car while standing at a red light. The rider of the motorcycle was ejected and suffered a fractured pelvis. With this injury, he was evacuated by the emergency services to the nearest hospital and was unable to make a report.

As a result, the rider cannot reach the driver responsible for the accident. He cannot therefore initiate the procedure out of court. The specialist lawyer will be able to retrieve the contact details of the person responsible from the police services and attempt negotiations with his insurer.

After the road accident

During your first meeting, the accident lawyers Johnson City TN will be able to use all the evidence collected, and play his advisory role. He can decide with you on the follow-up to the case. In particular if it is necessary to initiate an action for compensation and to file a complaint following the road accident.

The lawyer searches for evidence for your traffic accident

Gather the elements of the accident

The lawyer specializing in road law will look for the best strategy for his client. Whether you are responsible for the accident, co-responsible or a simple victim. In addition to the elements collected at the scene of the accident, the lawyer goes through the documents at his disposal.

Determine the best strategy

After an accident, the reflex is often to turn to insurance. Unfortunately insurance organizations do not represent your interests. An insurance lawyer is the only interlocutor who will defend your interests and protect you against insurers.

The lawyer takes care of all the procedure for your traffic accident

Whether the accident is serious or not, your lawyer will take over to carry out all the procedures for you. After choosing the best strategy, he is responsible for conducting the procedure.