4 Reasons Why a Singapore Divorce Process May Be Denied

A divorce procedure in Singapore can last several months, depending on the parties involved. However, you should know that this process does not guarantee favour of either you or your spouse. In some cases, a judge may deny the request. There are several reasons why this happens. Read the article to learn about these four causes on why a judge denies a divorce.

1. Fraud

There may be instances where an individual undergoing a Singapore divorce process will seek to get a favourable agreement by falsifying data. If they filed for a fault divorce, they need to provide the necessary evidence to back their claims. If their spouse successfully shows the data as false, the procedure may be denied. This is often a temporary solution as they can file for a divorce immediately.

2. Unresolved Child Issues

If a divorce procedure has harmful effects on the children, a judge may delay or deny the request. You need to know that the process does not only involve you, your spouse, and the best divorce lawyer you found in Singapore. As part of the final terms, every party involved handles all issues concerning the custody and support of your kids.

3. Procedural Mishaps

One simple reason why a judge may deny a divorce process is when an individual skips necessary steps or fails to give essential files. This cause has no long-term effects as the person can apply for it again. If you are worried about failing to comply with requirements, consider hiring a lawyer and preparing the fees for divorce.

4. Collusion

In some cases, couples may file for a divorce procedure for advantageous reasons. If the process is suspicious, the judge may deny the request. It is worth noting that neither of the couples can use this reason to their benefit.

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