Binding child support Agreement – how can a lawyer help?

Broken marriages are a sign of failed marriages which hampers most on the child, and it can also lead to various problems in a child’s life if the child is under age or still pursuing the education. In Australia, as per the law, parents must agree on managing the child’s expenses until the time child becomes independent enough to manage his/her expenses. The agreement is called the child support agreement, and parents must agree before they plan to divorce each other and live as separate parents. The child doesn’t only suffer from emotional pain but also with the rest of the life. The amounts to be paid by both parties for child support can vary and can go higher or lesser than the needs of the children. To secure the child’s life, parents have to make this agreement to lead a happy life. 

Binding the child support agreement

A child support agreement allows parents to make their decisions to provide financial support for their children under 18 or above 18 years and are still pursuing their secondary education. When binding child support agreement, parents can mutually agree to pay the child support assessed by the Child Support Agency and contribute to the expenses which are not covered by a child support assessment like:

  • School & Tuition Fees
  • All the expenses related to schools like uniforms, books, stationery, computers, camps, and excursions. 
  • Extracurricular activity charges
  • Health insurance, medical gaps, allied health, and dental expenses
  • Childcare fees

Why do you require a family law specialist for a binding child support agreement?

As per the Central Coast family law, a binding child support agreement cannot be made unless both the parents have obtained independent legal advice, and that agreement will provide payment of an amount higher or lower than the amount assessed for child support. So you will surely need a lawyer for better assistance over the matter. 

What kind of lawyer will you need?

In such matters related to family law, you will need a family law specialist to deal with family matters taken to court. The family lawyers have their expertise in such matters, and they can assist you well in taking the matter further. They have the best knowledge of the binding child support agreement and will also guide you over the divorce. The family law specialist lawyers can also guide you over all the cases strictly related to the family and seek advice in them. 

How to contact the lawyer?

You can get in touch with any of the best lawyers through their online portals. You can find the details for contacting them through email, phone number, or by fixing the appointment at their office. The lawyers can give you the best advice for the complete matter and so you will not have to suffer from any further losses. And, most of all, having a professionally proficient and experienced lawyer by your side is a big help and source of mental peace.