After an accident, there are three times you shouldn’t state the insurance company.

One might assume that an insurance company would fight for a fair settlement while the policyholder rested and recovered if this were their first car accident. The premiums you’ve paid should entitle you to some sort of benefit.

Although this is a widely held belief, in practice it is uncommon. In most cases, insurance firms will resort to tried-and-true strategies that either change who is at fault or lessen the amount of money the wounded party receives. Discuss your situation with a certified Connecticut car accident lawyer.

The following discussion of the three main reasons why you shouldn’t speak with insurance companies following an accident will help you recognise and avoid these traps.

Statements Captured on Record

Some insurance companies may record your call when you call to report an accident. The insurance adjuster may also request a statement from you “for the record.” Call recording indicators should serve as a major warning sign.

When the call is recorded, anything you say to the insurance adjuster can and will be used against you. Statements like “I didn’t see him coming” may seem harmless, but they can be used to transfer blame and make it more difficult to receive full compensation.

Sowing Seeds of Doubt

However, in other situations, the insurance provider may try to disprove or downplay the severity of your injuries or the connection between them and the accident. This highlights the significance of getting medical attention right away following an injury.

If your symptoms don’t appear for a while (perhaps because of a latent injury like internal haemorrhage), the insurance company may try to claim that they can’t prove that the crash caused your injuries. This is why it’s crucial to keep detailed records of your injuries and to insist on a thorough examination from your doctor at each and every appointment.

Extreme Exaggeration

Don’t provide the insurance company any more information than they request. Claims adjusters in the insurance industry have formal training in the art of negotiation. As employees, it is their responsibility to reduce costs for the business. They use scripts that prompt you to give answers that may be counterproductive to your case.

Allowing a competent auto accident lawyers savannah ga to handle the negotiations while you rest and heal is frequently the best course of action in such heated situations.