Types of injuries where you may receive compensation for the damages

Accidents have increased in the world today as more and more vehicles are on the road and more and more technology is being used. Such accidents can lead to severe injuries and sometimes even death. If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of, deliberate act, or intentional act of another person, you are entitled to recover the damages under personal injury law. Personal injury includes physical injuries, mental trauma, emotional turmoil, and property damage done by the other person. According to Khan Injury Law, such injuries allow you to file a lawsuit against the faulty party to recover compensation for all the consequences that have taken place due to the accident. 

The common injuries where you may receive compensation for the damages are:-

  • Brain Injuries: These are the most common types of injuries. In this type of injury, the skull or the brain suffers trauma due to the powerful physical force that acts on the head which can be when something strikes the head hard or there is violent jerking movement of the head. The risk associated with this injury is severe brain damage, negative impact on cognitive functions, memory loss, mental disability, etc. 
  • Back injuries: Back injuries are also quite common in accidents, especially in cases of collisions or slips and falls. The back contains the most critical part of the body i.e. spinal cord. Damage to the spine can lead to permanent disability and other health issues. This can cause paralysis, incontinence, and sensory problems.
  • Neck injuries: The neck is also a vulnerable part that suffers injuries in an accident. One of the common neck injuries in a vehicle accident is whiplash. In a whiplash, the victim’s head is violently jerked due to an impact. This violent jerking causes damage to the neck.
  • Fractured bones: Broken or fractured bones also inflict a lot of pain and suffering. It may take months to heal completely and in some cases might leave behind many complications as well. Some bones that are dangerous to break are the pelvis, skull, or vertebrae.

Personal injury law can be difficult to understand for the victim. Therefore, during such incidents, it is advised to take immediate legal help. This can be done by reaching out to a seasoned personal injury lawyer who will make sure you receive fair and rightful compensation.