Land Condemnation in Virginia: Get an attorney

It often happens in Virginia that government entities take control of private land for various projects intended for public use. Expectedly, land condemnation is a serious subject and often a matter of debate. Landowners often have the toughest time stopping land condemnation, and there is often little one can do. However, just because these entities have the power, it doesn’t mean that eminent domain proceedings are always valid. As a land owner, you also have certain rights. Depending on the circumstances, land condemnation can be halted, and if that is not possible, private owners have the right to get compensation. Also, these government entities are expected to follow due process.

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The basics

If you want to stop land condemnation in Virginia, you must have a solid argument. The typical requirement is to establish that the government entity taking your property is not for public needs. The powers relating to eminent domain proceedings extend to the projects that involve using land for public purposes. You may have a strong case, but it also means that not all land condemnation attempts can be thwarted.

What can an attorney do?

Most of the law firms in Virginia that take up land condemnation cases have a team of legal experts, attorneys, and professionals who offer adequate support to clients. Lawyers either charge no or a small amount as the fee for evaluating such cases. Your lawyer is responsible for many things, but it starts with a comprehensive review of your case. They will also consider all pointers related to the land condemnation process and explain your rights. The lawyer will also explain the legal options you can consider. If they think that your case is a valid one, they will initiate an investigation and gather all info and evidence pertaining to land condemnation.

The goal of your attorney is to stop land condemnation, but in some cases, when there is no other argument, they will try to ensure that you get the best possible compensation. You can expect personalized legal representation, and it is best to hire someone who has worked for landowners in the past and have a proven success record. Find a Virginia land condemnation as soon as you figure out your private land is being taken for a project.