How Do I Prove an Injury in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?


Our personal injury lawyer Rio Bravo TX explain common types of evidence that can be used to prove injuries in your case. 

Accidents can happen in a variety of situations. You could be driving to or from work, taking care of shopping and other tasks, or enjoying recreational activities with family and friends when the reckless actions of others leave you suffering serious personal injuries in Oklahoma City. You have the right to hold those at fault accountable for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Find out how to prove injuries in s personal injury (PI) lawsuit and get the compensation you need to recover.

How to Prove Personal Injuries 

Under the Oklahoma Statutes, proving negligence on the part of others is one of the requirements for a PI lawsuit. The other is proving you suffered harm as a result of their actions. In addition to proving your personal injuries, you will need to show the extent of the damage, your prognosis for recovery, and the impacts you are likely to suffer as a result. Evidence used to support your claim includes:  

  • Accident reports and photos from the scene, which can illustrate how your injuries and the severity of harm done;
  • Medical files and records, including from emergency medical service (EMS) providers, hospital and emergency room personnel, and your family physician or other doctors you visit in the aftermath. 
  • Medical notes and statements from your doctor, in which they describe the nature of your injuries, recommended treatment plans, and the maximum amount of medical recovery they expect you to make;
  • Results from any diagnostic testing conducted, such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and bloodwork. 

In addition to the above, notes regarding rehabilitative therapy, receipts showing certain medications you are taking or any medical devices you require, and statements from family and friends can all be used as evidence to help prove your injuries. 

Why Proving Personal Injuries is Important

You need to be able to prove you suffered personal injuries in order to file a PI lawsuit through the Oklahoma County Civil Court. Presenting the above and other types of evidence is important as it can also help in determining the total amount of compensation to which you may be entitled. Depending on the severity of your injuries and any long term impacts you are likely to suffer, this may include: 

  • Coverage of current medical expenses and compensation for future testing, treatment, or rehabilitative costs;
  • Reimbursement for current lost wages and compensation for future losses in earnings or benefits due to short or long term disabilities caused by your injuries;
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as any loss of enjoyment in life your injuries result in. 

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