Why do you need a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer?

Tampa Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico, is on the western coast of Florida. Tampa, a part of the Tampa Bay Area, has a population of around 40,000 people and growing at around 2.45% every year. The average household owns two cars per family. Unfortunately, as is the case with growing cities, as the population density grows, the number of people getting involved in car crashes has also increased.

People traumatized by car accidents suffer tremendously because of critical injuries. These could be head and spinal cord injuries, burns, or even loss of limbs that can lead to permanent disability without considerable medical treatment. The trauma is not only for the person involved in the accident; it is also for the family members.

If you are in such a terrible situation, there are many things to think about, including dealing with the police, insurance company forms, and hospital bills. Many people are advised wrongly about the Florida no-fault law, and injured victims hesitate to seek legal help. Therefore, you must contact a specialist Tampa car accident lawyer to help you understand what law says. Florida’s no-fault law doesn’t make it impossible to file a car accident lawsuit and seek compensation if you’ve been traumatized by serious injuries.

Experienced attorneys know how to manage insurance companies. They will gather all the documentation and evidence that you will need. You will be able to receive the compensation that is owed to you. These could include payments for damages like:

  • Medical preparation for surgery and hospitalization
  • Expenses for rehabilitation
  • Cost of care
  • Compensation for income lost because of leaves taken at work
  • Decreased scope of earning capacity in the time to come
  • Mental and physical suffering
  • Decreased quality of life factors

There are additional options available for the families of victims. In Florida, they can be given compensation for loss of consortium claims; the claim is for the victim’s deprived spouse who can no longer receive companionship, solace, care, and marital life required for a successful marriage.

A Tampa Car Accident lawyer can also advise you on wrongful death lawsuits for situations where minor children have suffered the loss of a parent, their guidance, and instruction. The statute of limitations for Florida wrongful death action is two years from date of death. Hence you should not delay contacting an attorney to clarify issues regarding deadlines and what your eligibility is.

A car accident is most unfortunate and unpredictable. Everything happens in a split second. The decisions you make in the first moments after the accident will play a big role in how your case proceeds and your ability to get fair compensation. If you are at the scene of a car accident right now, contact a Tampa car accident lawyer. They can give you all the support you need at this critical time. Please don’t waste a moment.