Tips on How to Find a Good Theft Attorney

Theft is known to be a serious offense that entails using or taking an individual’s property without their knowledge or consent to deprive them of for good their property. If a suspect is arrested for alleged theft he/she is charged with a felony or misdemeanor. In London crime and theft statistics indicates that other categories of theft charges hold theft constituent to them. 

With different types of theft charges having equal basic elements, they are slightly different penalties depending on the jury verdict. If the accused person has been charged with the specified theft crime, it is usually critical for the defendant to understand the responsibility of a theft crime attorney. The major role of a theft crimes attorney is to defend the accused in a court of law and make certain that all the rights of the accused are protected as per the jurisdiction of the state. 

The crimes theft attorney is expected to work tirelessly toward securing the best probable outcome in favor of the accused. Some of the most common types of theft crimes include shoplifting, burglary, and embezzlement. Theft crime attorneys are responsible for helping the accused understand the charges leveled against them a devising a good defense strategy in favor of the accused. 

Theft crime attorneys take part in negotiating with prosecutors and judge on behalf of the accused to potentially aid the accused charges to be dismissed or the charges reduced. If the accused is facing serious penalties such as jail time, the attorney is entitled to explore the option of a plea bargain. 

Some of the categories of a theft attorney include the following:

Criminal Theft Attorney

There are two categories of theft crimes, the most common one being grand and petty theft. Grand theft is defined as acquiring property that is worth more than $600 whilst petty cash is typically considered as acquiring property that is less than $600. 

Take note that in some states the value of the property does not determine the category of the theft crime, whether petty or grand theft. If this occurs, the court takes into account the type of property and how the property was stolen. An experienced theft crime attorney is usually familiar with the various laws in your state relative to your case and the best course of action to take. 

Regardless of the situation at hand, a qualified theft crime attorney should ensure at all times that your right is protected. 

Some of the ways that a theft attorney can help an accused person are the following:

· Investigation of the allegations leveled against the accused person and gathering evidence in support of his/her defense.

· Interviewing the witnesses involved and preparing them to testify on the accused behalf. 

· Cross-examining prosecution witnesses to take note of any inconsistencies in their statements and expose them in a court of law. 

· Negotiation with prosecutors on behalf of the accused to drop the charges altogether or reduce the charges significantly.

· Representation in the court of law and fighting to secure a not guilty verdict. 

Key Take Away

Depending on the theft crime an accused person has been charged with, they need to invest in building proper defense with their crime theft defense attorney to secure the best possible outcome.