The Details Information On Immigrant Visa Ban

According to Taher Kameli, it has been important for the Government of the United States to take certain measures that would help them in ensuring that no immigrants have been treated badly or not given a fair chance. The decision that was made by the Trump government was not at all according to the Nations goals and objectives.

Can hire people

This has made all the important for the organizations to give their best so that they are able to hire people from other countries and help them to have a good and healthy life. It is to be remembered that most of the immigrants come to the United States in search of jobs. This has made it important for the country to understand the needs and requirements of the coronavirus and meet them so that they have a good impression of the states.

The ban

It was in the year 2020 that the Trump government came up with an immigrant visa ban. According to this act, there was a ban on immigrants and their visas. According to the band government, this step was taken to ensure that the US citizens have been able to get all the required facilities during the covid-19 situation. Although it was such that the very easy and suggest step is the security and safety of the citizens of the US, yes it is to be noted that this was not seen as a very wise one. In fact, this step was strictly against the US mission.

President Biden

However, this immigrant visa ban has been overturned by President Biden. This step was criticized by President Biden as it did not serve the insurance of the United States. It was only because this step was taken back that many immigrants had been able to come together with their families and lead a happy and satisfying life. It had become very much important for the Government of the United States to take some strict measures that would help them in the prevention of the immigrant visa ban.

Removal of the ban

According to Taher Kameli, the decision that has been taken by President Biden on the immigrant visa ban has received a lot of appreciation and acknowledgment. Everyone had been quite worried about the Ban and how immigrants are going to survive. However, I would like to add that with the help of the steps that had been taken by President Biden; the states have been able to ensure that immigrants are given the green card.


It is with the help of the act that has been adopted by President Biden that it had been able to reflect upon the Trump era. There is no doubt that Trump had a distinctively chauvinistic legacy on immigration, yet the fact that there have been some restrictions on visa issuance has become a matter of grave concern. Every one of the workers as well as the family members of the workers has been quite happy and pleased with the removal of the ban. They are now available to live a happy and satisfying life but they are able to fulfill all their dreams.