Smart Office Program For All Legal Firms!

Legal firms have a busy time throughout the year and that makes it really hectic for them to manage different tasks simultaneously. The lawyers are constantly working round the clock to make sure that their clients are up to date about all their legal proceedings and deadlines. In such cases, a legal firm program like Advoware is the best solution you can make the most of. This software is designed to help lawyers and attorneys manage their daily work schedule, deadlines, documents and all other things in a centralized manner. This is the best Kanzleisoftware that you can use to offer better customer service and maintain a higher level of efficiency at work. Let’s check out more details about the software in the following segment.

Why is Advoware a great option for lawyers?

Advoware is a great option for lawyers who are looking to make the most out of their time and efforts. This legal firm software has been designed with a set of robust features that allow you to achieve higher productivity. Here are some reasons for you to choose advoware –

  • Document management – Intelligent document management is one of the most important functions that the software provides you. With a clear CMS, you can easily record or manage all important content or files that are essential to your work. You can easily manage and process them for later use.

  • Automatic file assignment – Once you receive emails or other messages in the mail, they will be automatically sorted and distributed to the relevant files you have collected. This will help reduce labor and save a lot of time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about sitting down again and sorting out all the messages you receive.

  • Efficient accounting – Law firm accounting is one of the most important tasks you will perform. Our software can be used to generate different invoices based on RVG / GNotKG / StBVV. You can easily automate the entire process and perform other activities, such as storage and billing hourly rates, having a list of open items, debt collection modules, etc. You can even export your data via DATEV.

  • Usability – When you are looking for true ease of use, Advoware is also a good choice. Our software is easy to use and understand, making you familiar with these functions. Users can then customize these functions individually so that they can determine the most suitable function for them.

  • Better communication – it is one of the reasons you should use it. You don’t want to miss new information or rely on others to get the information you need. Advoware helps bridge the gap between the legal department and other industries. Your legal team can immediately send or request new notifications from anywhere in the world. You can also share important information, documents, notes, reports, etc. Use with other legitimate users with minimal time and dependence.

Advoware has been designed to support and provide the much needed help to lawyers who are looking forward to finding an effective legal firm program. This is definitely one of the most trustworthy Kanzleisoftware you can use & keep the clients satisfied with your work.