How to Come Out of Drug Possession Charges in Texas

Drugs or abused substances of any kind are not good for general health and can lead to undesirable consequences. Hence, it is prohibited to use in many countries. Texas laws are no different than the other states where drug selling, buying and consuming is strictly against the law. However, in Texas whether having possession of drugs is a felony or not depends upon many factors.

There are high chances of you being caught with drugs if you deal with drugs. It is a serious crime if proven and can even lead to life imprisonment. Hence, it will be beneficial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Natives of Texas can contact drug possession lawyer in Galveston, Mark Diaz. They are the best legal aid who provide relief for their clients to escape from the clutches of law.

This is because in the arena of drug dealings many victims are falsely framed for possessing drugs without any evidence. Their years of experience can identify the loopholes of law when the investigation hasn’t been done properly by law. They prove in the judicial court about their client’s innocence of any drug dealing matter.

Hence, there are chances of their client being freed from any criminal charges and their case being dismissed in the court. The reviews of their earlier clients are sure to help you know the attorney’s vast knowledge about the drug crime laws and the ways adopted by them to reduce the charges imposed on their client by the law.

They give you the right counselling explaining the law and the proceedings to occur in the court and ways to adapt to defend yourself.  They are trusted and provide the right guidance to understand the Texas drug law. They are always ready to provide free consultation, thus contact them at the earliest if you are facing a criminal offence.

Now more about whether drug dealing is a serious crime in Texas

Facing Drug Possession Charges in Texas? Here's How to Fight it!

It is a fact that if you don’t hold any kind of pharmaceutical license in dealing with the lifesaving medicines, then you will be held for misusing drugs in the Texas court of law. It is classified as a severe crime, thus the first thing to do is call an expert drug possession lawyer. The severity of the crime depends upon the kind and the proportion of drug you had in your possession. There are different penalties for holding the abused stuff.

Here are the classified groups of penalty under the Texas Substance Controlled Act:

  • Penalty Group -1
    • The law is related to the heaviest abusive drugs like codeine, hydrocodone, opium extracts, opioids, ketamine, hallucinogens, oxycodone and many more.
    • A person caught with a smaller amount of these drugs may be imprisoned maximum of two years.
    • Life imprisonment is given for holding a larger amount of these deadly drugs.
  • Penalty Group 1-A
    • The possession of LSD drugs of any kind are listed in felony crime, thus holding less amount of LSD result in spending two years in jail and life imprisonment for holding large units of LSD.
  • Penalty Group – 2
    • Hallucinogenic drugs like Ecstasy, PSP and Peyote are offensive to be used in Texas. A person holding few grams of the drugs can be put behind bars for two years and if stated to be holding more result in spending lifetime in jail.
  • Penalty Group 2-A
    • It is a crime when a person is caught using chemical substances having the quality of cannabinoids. It can be K2, Spice or any other brands of drugs used just like marijuana substances.
    • Any person having more than four grams of the drug will be charged under the felony crime.
  • Penalty Group 3
    • The drugs classified as Opiates and Opioids are grouped for these penalty charges. It can be anabolic steroids, benzodiazepines, methylphenidate and similar prescribed drugs.
    • A person caught with more than twenty-eight grams of the drugs comes under felony crime, thus they can be sentenced to life in jail.
  • Penalty Group 4
    • All kinds of potent prescribed drugs are classified under this group of penalty acts.
    • A person can escape with light kind of jail sentences if possessing less than 400 grams of these drugs. More than that amount may result in experiencing life imprisonment.

Marijuana, the extract of cannabis plants having more proportions of THC in its compositions is listed to be abused drugs according to Texas law. More than 2,000 pounds of Marijuana in any person’s possession is stated to be a severe crime, thus they need to spend many years in jail. Even cultivation of marijuana plants is offensive before law.

There are different penalties for having possession of drugs like Marijuana. Only your expert criminal attorney can help in you enduring lesser punishment.

How a criminal justice lawyer helps you to evade the drug possession charges:

  • The prosecution needs to prove in the court that the person had possession of drugs with them or was present in their personal belongings. Your lawyer is sure to help you save from such things if you aren’t guilty.
  • Sometimes you are caught holding abused substances that you weren’t aware of. The attorney specialized in criminal law will assist you in proving your innocence. The law enforcement authorities need to provide more evidence that you dealt in drugs, thus have the drugs in your possession.
  • You are caught holding drugs during sting operations planned by law force. Your lawyer can prove in the court that you were forced by the authorities to pass drugs to any other party or you weren’t aware of having the drugs in your belongings.

Once you or your dear ones are caught for drug possession, it is best to contact a skilled criminal lawyer in the Texas region. They will provide the best possible defense to help you to prove innocent or minimize your penalty charges. They will protect your rights and seek out all the ways to help in defending yourself from being proven guilty by the law.