Divorce Proceedings: Why Hire a Lawyer?

What is the Divorce Process in India - 2021 Guide

You have already been linked by marriage for several months, even years, but you realize that your married life is not fulfilling. Maybe you have too many difficulties in your daily life, and then you decide to get a divorce. At the same time, however, it becomes your major concern. This is normal because you are not a professional in the field. The assistance of a divorce lawyer is important. We invite you to find out in this article the reasons why you should use the best divorce lawyer in Delhi in divorce proceedings.

There are many advantages to using a divorce lawyer

Being a professional, the lawyer is the best person to help you with your divorce proceedings.

The lawyer helps you in choosing the type of divorce proceedings

Usually, the best lawyers in Delhi are familiar with the various steps to follow in divorce proceedings. It is advisable to use a lawyer specializing in family matters, and specifically divorce. A specialist lawyer knows the type of divorce proceedings to initiate, depending on your situation. It can be:

  • Divorce for fault;
  • Divorce by mutual consent;
  • Divorce for a permanent modification of the marital bond, etc.

The lawyer gives you the necessary advice and defends you.

Not being in the field, you will necessarily search for lawyers near me for advice on your divorce proceedings. The latter must not only represent you in the divorce proceedings but also advise you. He must accompany you throughout the procedure. He avoids legal troubles and other odds in the procedure and defends you in court by ensuring that your rights are respected.

The lawyer is bound by professional secrecy.

The lawyer specializing in family matters is required to keep secret any information you provide to him in the course of the divorce proceedings. Any leak of information emanating from him exposes him to sanctions. So, don’t be afraid to expose your whole problem to him. This will make it easier for the divorce lawyer to understand your situation properly.

Essential support on the issue of childcare

In an amicable divorce, it is the lawyers who ratify, via the divorce agreement, the organization of the custody of the children; they then play an advisory role. They explain to the former spouses the different possibilities (joint custody or exclusive residence with one of the patents) and calculate the alimony. If the couple has minor children, the lawyer makes sure that they know that they have the right to be heard by a judge.

The refusal (necessary to continue the proceedings without a judge) is confirmed via a form attached to the divorce agreement. In the case of a contentious separation, the lawyer helps his client formulate his requests and prepares his arguments to convince the judge.

Without a lawyer, no divorce, not even an amicable divorce

Whether it is to advise, draft, or represent, the lawyer is omnipresent from the beginning to the end of the procedure. In a contentious divorce, he takes care of the divorce petition, the summons, and the conclusions that will be delivered to the judge. He also represents his client during hearings. In a divorce by mutual consent, a lawyer is also essential.

Responsible for the latter to draft, with the colleague who defends the spouse, the divorce lawyer drafts the divorce agreement as fair as possible. The agreement is signed by the spouses, countersigned by the lawyers, and filed in the minutes of a notary. Finally, the divorce lawyer takes care of the formalities necessary for the mention of the divorce to be entered on the marriage certificate.