Charges and Laws That Comes Under the Care of Impairment Driving 

Impaired driving is a condition when someone operates heavy machinery, commercial vehicle, passenger car, etc., or something else of the same kind when under the influence of alcohol or drugs or so on. Such an act of someone is considered a legal offense and such operations for more than 2 hours can put someone under the case of impaired driving. Only a legal advisor will be their helping guide in such cases. 

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Driving safe limits 

No such thing as an alcohol limit exists in any law. Hence, every drink that you have before driving can legally get you behind the bars with the chances of a DUI case in your name. Hence, never take the risk of drinking and deciding to drive ever. 

Studies have shown that alcohol has the chance of influencing the judgmental capacity of a person, and even a snap in a driving tactic can result in both major and minor accidents. The presence of alcohol in your blood will decide the severity of the charges in your name. 

BAC or also known as Blood Alcohol Concentration is the way of detecting the percentage of alcohol present in your blood. It is decided that the presence of alcohol should not exceed more than 80 mg in 100ml blood in a person. If there is more concentration of alcohol or other substances present in the blood, then the person is liable for a DUI case. 

Cannabis and driving 

Some of the cannabis such as marijuana, weed, reefer, herbal, Maryjane, pot, etc., are still considered drugs, even though they are plant extracts. These drugs can contribute to certain levels of toxicity in your blood, and their detection can lead to jail time or something strict and legal in your name. 

Consequences of impaired driving

Some of the consequences of impaired driving can lead to the below-mentioned legal charges against you. 

  • Cancellation of the driving license for a whole year. 
  • The three years of repetitive offenders will be charged with a one-year ignition interlock. 
  • A penalty of $600
  • Assessment of education and alcohol with the help of the Back on Track program 
  • Federal consequences will decide the minimum fine that should be paid 
  • A reinstatement fee of the license 
  • Increase in the premium of the insurance with the possibility of $5000 per annum 
  • Criminal record in your name permanently 

The first-time offenders will be charged $250 and the suspension for 3 days. However, if the same offender conducts the DUI within the next 5 years, then they are charged to undertake some classes of education programs. The charges and their severity will increase according to the subsequent offense that is conducted by the same offender. The best way of escaping from such possibilities is by never getting behind the wheels when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.