Attorney Mike Morse obtains $4.6 analyzing 10 hours of video

In court cases, the most difficult task for an attorney is to find true evidence that can be presented in the court of law in a way that can make the judge convince to give justice to the victim. The way attorney mike morse used his knowledge of the law is just incredible. 

A 56-year old man having a wife with two sons was killed by a reckless teenager with no proof left behind except for a video that was not enough to prove the teenager guilty. However, it is a firm determination on part of Mike Morse that he found some findings presentable to the court of the law.

In brief, the family of the deceased man received 4.6 million USD for their financial and emotional sufferings. The defendant took support from a series of back-to-back lies to the extent that the defendant simply refused to accept that he was traveling to work – he was an employee of a company, they were three people in the car that was abruptly hit to the deceased victim.

The recorded statements of the defendant 

Morse used his legal experience and had a close look at the recorded statements of the defendant in front of police and found him admitting they were driving to work while he denied the same thing in the court. That was the turning point and the credit goes to Mike Morse. It was very important to prove that the driver was driving to work otherwise it was not possible to win the affected family $4.6 million. 

The overall winning of above one billion USD! 

Even though no amount of money can bring back the father of two sons and the husband of a wife, however, the amount that this firm wins for their clients can at least save their financial future. The same happens in the particular case I have stated above.