3 Ways to Self-care During a Divorce

In this day and age, we all know that not all relationships have fairytale endings. Most couples end in bitter separations like Prince Charles and Diana Spencer or even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who are now talking to their divorce lawyers. Severing the ties in a romantic relationship is almost always dramatic, emotionally scarring, and totally unpleasant. Whether we like it or not, filing for a divorce in Australia is no exception to this. The Australian Bureau of Statistics report that over 49,000 divorces were granted in 2019. They have decreased over the years since 1999 and most of them happen within the age of 40-46 years old.

While most law firms focus on custody battles and financial issues, there are family lawyers in Parramatta that offer a different approach to divorce. It focuses on self-care and therapy, something that most divorcees fail to do due to the stresses brought about by a separation. Here are some ways to care for yourself while undergoing this shift from being partnered to single again.

Re-center yourself

When in the process of separation or divorce, most people lose meaning in life or fail to love and acknowledge themselves. Of course in relationships, there’s a lot of emotional investment involved (aside from financial), and when it ends, a feeling of emptiness can take over. The saying is true – “Save some love for yourself.” One way to do this is to participate in divorce retreats like the ones being offered by some family lawyers in Parramatta, to help you get back on your feet and find your self-worth.

Stay busy and active

Ruminating on your broken relationship can be tempting especially when you’ve hit the rocks. It can also be stressful to think about if you have a lot of spare time. An idle mind is indeed the devil’s playground. So instead of worrying about your separation too much, let your divorce lawyers handle it and try to stay busy and active. Engage in sports or outdoor activities, complete a project you’ve always wanted to do or join a class that will help you learn something new.

Plan for a new future

Ending a relationship does not mean your life ends too. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to start something new. Begin with a new you in mind. Now that you’re single again, create a bucket list for a freshly divorced person like you. Do something different or pursue an activity that you could not do when you were married. Talk to your divorce lawyers so you can have a dignified separation and a fresh start.