Marzulli 2016

“This is just one picture of many you will see, including a head to toe X-Ray when you attend the Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference in Colorado Springs, July 15-17th, 2016, or when you Live Stream the event along with thousands of others from all over the world. Have you signed up yet? We are getting excited as we see the excitement building up for the sold-out conference. You will hear the whole back-story to this creature (and several others!) from L.A. Marzulli!”


Watchers 10 Trailer



The FAIRY — Excerpt from WATCHERS 10


Sneak Peak of Watchers 10 – DNA


“The back-story of where this creature was found and what those bright lights in the pelvic region are is the most interesting part of the discovery. It explains everything. This object has been reviewed by a medical doctor for authenticity. It’s real. Now what it is? That’s another question entirely.”


“The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men.” – Revelation 9:7



Steve Quayle -Little Creatures: The Gates of Hell Are Opening


‘No doubt’ Iceland’s elves exist: anthropologist certain the creatures live alongside regular folks


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