“Former Prime Minister’s condition takes a turn for the worse, after undergoing surgery last month. Family members: He has 1-4 days to live.”



Ariel Sharon could be pulled from life support



Messiah will appear after the death of Ariel Sharon




Messianic Prophecy – Coast to Coast AM, 12-01-13



In the first half, Pastor Carl Gallups joined George Noory to discuss the story of the highly venerated Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who, on the Day of Atonement in 2005, had a vision where he claims to have “met the Messiah.” A prophecy related to this was released one year after his death in 2007 (the Rabbi was said to be at least 106 years old when he died in 2006). Gallups, who believes we are living in biblically prophetic times, noted that Rabbi Kaduri had made several accurate prophecies, including foreseeing a terrible calamity involving the rising of the sea in the East two weeks before the Indonesian tsunami occurred in 2004.


Orthodox Rabbi Reveals Messiah’s Name??



The Rabbi, the Note and the Messiah



Hebrew Acrostics: the First Letter of Each Word



Carl Gallups:  The Rabbi Who Found Messiah



“Time is of the essence” – April is the “Deadline” for an Israel/Palestine peace deal, and the Pope will visit Israel in May!!!  And . . . lets NOT forget a Blood Moon in April on Passover!!

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