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“It ought to be like this: the economy is there to serve the people. In the last few years, this hasn’t been the case at all everywhere.”–strong-europe/2308757


Pope leads pep rally at Vatican, meets with Merkel


Germany’s Merkel visits Pope, urges tougher market controls


“Countries should impose more control over their economies and not allow “absolute autonomy”, in order to provide “for the common good”. – Social Justice aka Socialsim!!!


Pope Francis and the Injustice of Social Justice


Pope calls for ‘social justice’ against unemployment


“And the woman whispered in my ear ‘Bergoglio’, and it hit me really: if these people say Bergoglio, that’s an indication of the Holy Spirit.”


Angel-Shaped Cloud Appears In Florida Sky After New Pope Is Announced


“The Pope also shared his  plan for an international peace convocation, with spiritual leaders of  many faiths from all over the world, which in a loud, clear voice, will  call for an end to violence.”


Pope Francis says he wants to visit Israel in near future


Israeli president meets Pope at Vatican Read the rest of this entry

“It is very important to meet a spiritual leader of the world.  The Holy See and the UN share common goals and ideas.”


Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?


Pope Francis Now Urges All Religions To Unite

BEWARE!! The last time “The Church” called for a return of this kind we had something called “The Inquisition”!!


The Jesuit Oath Exposed



“He must be referring to the Roman Catholic Church since he said, ‘the Mother Church which gives us the faith that is our identity.’”  So often when we witness to Catholics and ask if they are a Christian they say, ‘No, I am a Catholic.’ That is their identity. We know that the true Church does not give anyone faith. It is given by God as a gift of His grace.”


“Pope Francis asked the cardinals to join him in praying that they, too, would have the “fervor to move forward — as brothers, all of us — forward, forward, carrying the name of Jesus in the heart of holy mother church, which is — as St. Ignatius said — hierarchical and catholic.”

“The three-year project will bring together leading scholars to explore Jesuit innovations and legacies from a global perspective. Three symposia are planned to address each of the core themes of mission, education and justice.”


The Jesuits and Globalization



“Peres, the pope and the word “peace’” are virtually interchangeable. All three of them get together next week to try to resurrect the peace process. And don’t forget Kerry is a Catholic more or less.”


Kerry pushes economic plan for Palestinian peace


Kerry compares Israeli military to terrorists

“We Christians cannot speak of the promised land as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people.  This promise was nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people – all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people.” – Replacement Theology!!!


Vatican refuses to recognize Israeli occupation of east Jerusalem


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