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Steve Quayle and Tom Horn LIVE!! – Abaddon Ascending & True Legends


Their findings will also walk you through that “aha” moment when you realize that certain events that are happening today, projects such as CERN, and accounts in North and South America of giants, gateways to other dimensions, and other “anomalies” considered too far reaching to be believed are indeed real.


Revelations from Abaddon Ascending & True Legends


Jerusalem’s Mekudeshet Festival – A “Spiritual Gathering” for One World Religion??


“Christians, Jews and Muslims are flocking to the Holy City for a “spiritual gathering” dubbed Amen—A House of Prayer For All Believers. The self-stated goal is to create “a single home for the world’s three major religions to harness the city’s ancient powers to inspire artists, musicians and cultural figures from around the world to redefine their art and traditions and connect amid troubling times.”


“A House for All Believers” to Open in Jerusalem


2016 Mekudeshet Festival


Steve Quayle’s True Legends Series – Soon to see Theatrical Release!!

True Legends the Series

“Pay attention to the narration in the background-‘When the giants return’: You can order the DVDs of Episode 1 and Episode 2 at the end of the trailer which are preparing the way for eventual theatrical release.”


True Legends2

SkyWatch TV – Steve Quayle: The UnHoly See


True Legends – Episode 2: The UnHoly See Official Trailer


True Legends 1

SkyWatch TV – Steve Quayle and Tim Alberino: Technology of the Fallen


True Legends “Technology of the Fallen” trailer


The New World Order Pope wants to Merge all World Religions?


“Merging all of the countries of the world into a giant superstate and merging all of the religions of the world into a single faith may sound like a good idea to many, but the truth is that it would just result in a level of tyranny that most people would not even dare to imagine.”


‘Pope Francis’ Defends Islam: ‘It’s Not Fair to Identify Islam With Violence’


“Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” – Revelation 13: 11-12


Kumbaya with Pope Francis and Hillsong United at the National Mall on July 16th??

Hillsong Pope

“That His Holiness would choose to speak into this historic day is a testament to the urgency and the need for followers of Jesus to unite in prayer for our nation and our world. We are humbled and honored by his involvement and are eager to share his message with the crowd that gathers at Together 2016.” – Nick Hall, Founder of PULSE


“Together 2016”: Denominations link arms with Chrislebrities to erase doctrinal divisions


Steve Quayle – The Vatican’s GIANT Cover-up??

SW Quayle 2016

“What do the forbidden secrets of the prehistoric past have to do with the forthcoming events of the prophetic future? Is there a hidden hand confiscating and concealing artifacts relating to the world before the Flood of Noah and the angel-hybrid entities that inhabited it? Are living giants still walking the earth today?”



Bono & Eugene Peterson Team- up for End Times Apostasy!!

Bono Apostasy

“This short film documents the friendship between Bono (lead musician of the band U2) and Eugene Peterson (author of contemporary-language Bible translation The Message) revolving around their common interest in the Psalms. Based on interviews conducted by Fuller Seminary faculty member David Taylor and produced in association with Fourth Line Films, the film highlights in particular a conversation on the Psalms that took place between Bono, Peterson, and Taylor at Peterson’s Montana home.”


U2’s Bono Teams Up With Pastor Eugene Peterson to Release Documentary on the Psalms


The Message “Bible”— A Breach of Truth


Bono Meets With “The Message” Author Eugene Peterson


Is Pope Francis the Last Roman Emperor or just a “Placeholder”??

Final Emperor

“Will the Pope or ex-president step forward to fulfill the Cumaean Sibyl’s prophecy… or are there others waiting in the wings? Either way, I predict that an ISIS WMD and a call by Rome to sanction war will soon result in both Muslims and Romans engaging in their own apocalyptica.”


The Final Roman Emperor Trailer


Rick Warren’s Membership in Council on Foreign Relations – One World Religion Agenda??


“Why would any pastor feel the need to be part of an organization that at best, appears to have and use subversive tactics to accomplish its deeds? While I realize that Rick Warren created what is called the PEACE Coalition. His is a socialist-based gospel, where people are taught to do good works and to downplay the presentation of the gospel. Does Warren fit nicely with the goals and aspirations of the CFR? It certainly seems to be the case.”


Membership Roster – Council on Foreign Relations


Warren CFR

NRB Convention 2016 is proud of speaker Rick Warren’s CFR membership??


Why are False Prophets attached to Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign??


“One must wonder why Christian historian David Barton and Mormon Glenn Beck have been spending so much time together. Ted Cruz “Really is the Guy” Glenn Beck and David Barton Have Been Praying For.”


Kenneth Copeland Says Ted Cruz ‘Called and Anointed’ for Presidency


Ted Cruz to speak at NAR extremist Rick Joyner’s church


IHOP’s Mike Bickle Endorses Ted Cruz for President



Proclaim 16 to Feature Presidential Candidates Forum (U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has confirmed attendance on Friday, February 26)


NRB Convention 2016 is proud of speaker Rick Warren’s CFR membership??


Heidi Cruz’s work for the Council on Foreign Relations


Council Joins Leading Canadians and Mexicans to Launch Independent Task Force on the Future of North America


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