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Why do the people plot a vain thing – New Mosque in Maryland via Obama and Erdogan??


“The presidents of Turkey and the U.S. will open the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Maryland, Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday.”


Is Obama Indirectly Assisting Islamists to Destroy America?



Iran Is Only 2-3 Months Away From Nuclear Bomb


“Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing?” – Psalm 2:1


Pope Francis’s Earth Day Announcement – Vatican Climate Change Summit on April 28, 2015


“The summit is part of a larger effort by Pope Francis to bring the Catholic Church into the conversation about sustainability and the environment. The Holy See will write a papal letter to bishops this summer about the Vatican’s position on climate change—a fitting mission for a Pope whose namesake, Francis of Assisi, is the patron saint of the environment.”


All For Gaia: Earth Day and Total Transformation for a Post-Christian World



Earth Day, Lenin’s Birthday, and the Socialist Ties That Bind


Conservative corners have tepid take on Pope Francis’ environment encyclical


pope climate

Vatican Climate Change Summit – April 28, 2015


“[They] exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” – Romans 1:25


Pope’s Marxist Message to Summit of the Americas – Redistribute the Wealth??


“Inequality, the unfair distribution of riches and resources, is source for conflicts and violence among peoples, because it involves the progress of some to be built on the necessary sacrifice of others and, to live with dignity, they have to fight against the rest.”


The Pope “in harmony” with the theme of the Seventh Summit of the Americas: “Prosperity with equity”


Pope Francis brokered US-Cuba deal at secret Vatican meetings


End of Republican Party – With Jeb Bush Nomination??

Jeb Bush

“The Republican Party should be happy about the prospect of Jeb Bush as its 2016 presidential candidate only if it has a death wish. Bush 41and Bush 43 dug a hole the party could not climb out of, so Bush 45 aims to fill it with the broken promises of the Republican platform: The Party of Lincoln, RIP.”


Jeb Bush Will Not Run as a Conservative


Jeb Bush Condemned Over Speech at Anti-Israel Conference


Jeb Bush Plays the Race Card!


Is Putin Dead, or has he become a Fully-Fledged Dictator??


“Putin has managed to induce Russians into a state of obsession simply by removing himself from their sight. Russians, including Putin opponents, are as worried about his week-long absence as kids would be if their father had wandered off somewhere and not come back for days. They watch the Kremlin website with a mixture of distrust, apprehension and hope, wondering how, or whether, the steep pyramid of power Putin has built over the years can function without him at the top. If that is not a sign that Putin has become a fully-fledged dictator in the nation’s collective mind, what is?”


Putin Reappears, Puts 40,000 Troops On Full Alert As Part Of “Snap-Readiness Exercises”


Russia was ready for a ‘nuclear state of alert’ over Crimea: Putin


Vladimir Putin Wins TIME 100 Reader’s Poll


Steve Quayle Live!!


“Too few people understand that much like the consolidation of political power under a Communist model, so too has the media succumbed to an effective consolidation, making it much easier to control the messages and the messengers. The illusion is not merely limited to the propaganda, but to those who disseminate it, as it is far easier to control the message when the media is controlled by a handful of gatekeepers rather than hundreds of independent voices we had just over a quarter of a century ago.”


How to keep from the Hangman’s Noose–the-hangmans-noose-is-tightening


Vladimir Putin’s ‘Secret Plot’ To Invade Europe??

Vladimir Putin press conference

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has a concrete plan of invading Europe, taking it under his total rule. The covert plot was exposed by Germany’s well-known newspaper, the BILD, citing credible sources from the intelligence community.”


EXPOSED: Vladimir Putin’s secret plot to RULE Europe


“And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.” – Revelation 6:2


Life in America over Next Two Years – will Reflect Ferguson??

Ferguson Nationwide Protests

“After last night, we now get a crystal clear view of what life in America will be like between today and 2016.  It will be meticulously organized staged rage to government manufactured ‘racism’ all the way down to the finish line and beyond. “


Ferguson Protesters Honor Michael Brown’s Memory By Looting And Burning Local Businesses


We Are the Enemy: Is This the Lesson of Ferguson?


“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” – Matthew 24:12


America now enters the two most dangerous years – in 150 years??


“Disowned by Democrats and made to feel irrelevant in this election, President Obama’s enormous and unjustified ego is deeply wounded. He is frustrated and feels caged, cornered. This is when people like him are most dangerous.”


Viguerie: Executive amnesty will ‘ignite a civil war’


Red alert…..Obama will defiantly shout, “Alea iacta est!”


Dave Daubenmire — Is The Man In the White House Mentally Ill?


Time for a New World Order??


“Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the international community to establish a new world order with the aim of preventing future conflicts. Speaking at an international discussion forum in Sochi, Putin affirmed the immutability of Russia’s position and called on the West to enter into a dialogue to solve today’s problems.”


Hagel: ‘I Think We Are Seeing a New World Order’


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