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EMPIRE Beneath the Ice Reveals Historic and Future Plans of the NWO


“The bottom line is simply this: the lie about Twentieth Century history, from World War I, World War II, The Cold War and into the “war against terrorism” is bigger and more intertwined than even the most hardened investigator has been led to believe. We are about to see the emergence of a technological and spiritual Reich that will prove, beyond any doubt, that the birthing of the New World Order and the anti-Christ has its roots in the machinations of Nazi ideology and architecture.”


Operation High Jump – Mysteries in Antarctica



The Hagmann Report – Steve Quayle: Hidden History Reveals Future Plans of the NWO


EMPIRE Beneath the Ice

He’s Back! Germany Is Publishing Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf For First Time Since WWII


America’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’ – What a Romney-Ryan Presidency would look like!!

Rino Ryan

“Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.”


TRAITOR: House Speaker Paul Ryan’s TRUE AGENDA


lesser of two evils

Voting for the lesser of two evils won’t save this country, it will only hasten a total collapse. If you are so afraid that to vote your conscious will put the lesser of the two evils in office, then I say you have already lost the right to be free and I am ashamed to call you my fellow countryman.”


Paul Ryan’s Christmas Warning: American Companies Will Shut Down Without More Foreign Workers



Republicans and Democrats have MERGED: It’s all one big, police state party of insanity now!


George Orwell would be proud – NEW Walmart Pay for iOS or Android device!!

Walmart Pay

“Walmart Pay is like no other mobile payments solution available today. With this launch, Walmart becomes the only retailer to offer its own payment solution that works with any iOS or Android device*, at any checkout lane, and with any major credit, debit, pre-paid or Walmart gift card – all through the Walmart mobile app.”


Walmart Prepares to Enter Mobile Payments Business



Walmart Pay Is Going to Stick It to Apple Pay With … QR Codes?


Wal-Mart adds to mobile wallet frenzy with ‘Walmart Pay’


Attack of the Drones – Skynet is Coming – They are Already Here!!

Attack Drones

Imagine a world where drones are everywhere. Now imagine a world where drones control everything. This scenario might seem far off into the future or even a little far-fetched. But what if it were revealed to you, that this technology is not only being developed, but it’s already here.

There’s a movement going on in the scientific community that you might not be aware of. This idea of Artificial Intelligence or A.I. has been in development for quite some time. In fact, a lower form of artificial intelligence has been in front of us the whole time.


The Attack of the Drones: Skynet is Coming – Teaser Trailer


Chinese Yuan is NEW Global Reserve Currency – The End of the Dollar??

Yuan Global Reserve Currency

“The International Monetary Fund has officially designated the Chinese yuan a global reserve currency. That means that it joins an elite group of currencies — the dollar, the yen, the euro and the pound — in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket.”


IMF gives China’s currency prized reserve asset status


NEW from Steve Quayle – EMPIRE Beneath the Ice

EMPIRE Beneath the Ice

“Why those controlling our planet have laid the groundwork for a takeover by a dictator who could best be described as the Antichrist of the Bible. Empire Beneath the Ice carefully documents these and many more astounding facts, divulging the truth about what is happening today. It gives you the insights to help prevent this diabolical takeover or, if it occurs, reveals the details and essential actions you and your loved ones must take. Empire Beneath the Ice exposes the dangers our world faces, and will arm you with the tools you need to counter these unspeakable, secret evils.“


Operation High Jump: As above, so below. They’re back.



High Jump – Mysteries in Antarctica


Coast to Coast AM – Steve Quayle: Secret Nazi Empire



The Common Sense Show – Steve Quayle: How the Nazis Won World War II


TRUNEWS – Steve Quayle: Empire Beneath The Ice


Steve Quayle & Tom Horn LIVE!!

Horn and Quayle Live

“Inhuman is not fiction or a mockudrama. It is a new investigative documentary from the internationally acclaimed team at Defender Films and Raiders News Productions. They travel the globe to unveil for the first time how breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy—including cybernetics, bioengineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, and synthetic biology—are poised to create mind-boggling game-changes to everything we have known until now about Homo sapiens.”


Steve Quayle & Tom Horn: Inhuman, the Men of Renown & You


INHUMAN – The Artificial Intelligence gods and the Rest of Us??

Inhuman Film

“The potential for automation is expanding – but also that technology doesn’t create that many new jobs now compared to the past. This worries Chace. “There will be people who own the AI, and therefore own everything else,” he says. “Which means homo sapiens will be split into a handful of ‘gods’, and then the rest of us.”


INHUMAN the Documentary – Special Investigative Report


Artificial Intelligence

In Countdown To INHUMAN Documentary Release, Open Letter To Christian Leaders Published


INHUMAN—PART 11: From Antichrist’s Mark To His Christianity-Replacing INHUMAN Church


Jeb Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott Bush helped finance Adolf Hitler??


“Reports of Bush’s involvement with the seized bank have been circulating on the Internet for years and have been reported by some mainstream media. The newly declassified documents provide additional details about the Union Banking-Thyssen connection.”


How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power


Most Powerful Members Of ‘Skull And Bones’


“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11


UN Agenda 2030 Mandates Universal Biometric ID for Entire Planet??

Agenda 2030 Biometric ID

“Did you know that the United Nations intends to have biometric identification cards in the hands of every single man, woman and child on the entire planet by the year 2030? And did you know that a central database in Geneva, Switzerland will be collecting data from many of these cards?”


Does biometric authentication hold the key to a bright future or Pandora’s box?


Moving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion


“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” – Revelation 13:16-17


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