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Steve Quayle Live!!

Native American Legends – Coast to Coast AM, 05-27-13

Author and researcher Steve Quayle contends that most citizens in the West are unaware that they’ve been fed a carefully edited view of the past, tailored to prop up the powers that be and keep humanity ignorant. Using Native American legends, he’ll show why the truth they reveal is so important – and why there are those in our culture that would prefer you never discover these truths.


TRUE LEGENDS – Tales of Giants and the Plumed Serpents


“Ancient DNA suggests that the ancient Cretans descended from Neolithic populations.”


The Minoans were Caucasian: DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe’s first advanced culture was from Africa


There Were Giants in the Earth in Those Days


Ancient of Days Conference 2013

It’s with no little sadness that we’re going to have to cancel the Christian Symposium on Aliens; mostly due to a very low number of pre-registrations. – Guy Malone

Alien Resistance HQ
PO Box 293027
Nashville, TN 37229-3027


Gog and Magog, Protectors of London?

“Toward the head of the Lord Mayor’s annual procession you will see two enormous but benevolent giants. They are Gog and Magog, the traditional guardians of the City of London who have been carried in the Lord Mayor’s Show since the reign of Henry V. They are descended from the pagan giants of early English pageantry and their history is buried in the mysterious world of myth and legend.”


The Lord Mayor’s Show – Gog and Magog



Lord Mayor’s Show 2009 –  (Gog and Magog)


“Now,  lets start our exploration that will help lift the veil surrounding  Native American legends and see why the truth they reveal is so  important – and why there are those in our culture that would prefer you  never discover these truths.”


Old newspaper articles are serious about giant skeletons


“The Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the greatest archaeological find of the 20th century. First discovered outside Jerusalem in the late 1940s, this ancient collection of texts includes the oldest known biblical manuscripts, dating back some 2,000 years. Below, find out more about the scrolls and their deep religious and historical significance.”


The Enoch Scroll

“What you are about to read is not the stuff of science fiction.  It’s not a fantastic fable or the musings of an overzealous archaeologist.  It’s straight out of the pages of the Bible.  The 120+ pictures displayed in On the Trail of the Nephilim have not been altered in any way.  What you are about to see is truly a ground-breaking revelation—an unparalleled discovery that may leave you in stunned silence.”


On the Trail of the Nephilim – Sample Chapter! Read the rest of this entry

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