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Danger, Will Robinson! – The REAL State of the Union!!

End of the Dollar

“Listening to the president’s State of the Union address, I was reminded of ancient Israel,” said Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and “The Harbinger,” which draws parallels between America’s falling away from God and a series of judgments that will come as a result.”


Jonathan Cahn: Severe Financial Storm of 2015?


25-Year Great Depression is About to Strike America – You will want to remember this date April 3, 2015



America is in Grave Danger – The State of the Union


It’s Official! Obama Refuses To Meet With Netanyahu During Upcoming March Visit


Gas Prices to soar to $5 a Gallon very soon??


“Now, with gasoline prices at $2.14, their lowest level since May 2009, the former president of Shell Oil is issuing another warning, telling motorists that their joy ride may end sooner than they think.”


Who Is Behind The Oil War, And How Low Will The Price Of Crude Go In 2015?


Russia pulls out of Petro-Dollar to collapse the US Dollar!!


“Russia has officially cut the supplies of Gas to Europe. As well the Russian nation has pulled out of the Petro-Dollar. This is an attempt to collapse the US Dollar in an economic war for what US Sanctions have done to Russia.”


Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates


Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar




The Economist predicted a Single Global Currency for 2018??

Phoenix Coin

“This stripping of national control by a global monetary regime was couched as a positive development in a 1988 article published in The Economist. Looking to curb government-led monetary mismanagement, a problem that seems to plague every nation-state, the article suggested a radical re-arrangement: the creation of a dominant, global currency called the Phoenix. Country-level decision making, under the Phoenix, would disappear under a world central bank.”


Dmitry Medvedev – This coin is Harbinger of New International Currency


United Future World Currency


2015 Financial Collapse Predicted by 11 Top Global Experts??


“I am entirely convinced that the financial markets are more primed for a financial collapse now than they have been at any other time since the last crisis happened nearly seven years ago.  And I am certainly not alone.  At this point, the warning cries have become a deafening roar as a whole host of prominent voices have stepped forward to sound the alarm.”


Shemitah author answers critics: ‘Judgment is coming’


‘Blood Moons’ a special message to America?


SHEMITAH CYCLE – Russia’s Ruble Tumbles as Oil Prices Keep Falling


The Federal Reserve Is Signaling the End of the Dollar??

End of the Dollar

“The sudden and voluminous transfer of wealth, as represented by European national interests marks the end of the hoarding of gold by elite. The payout of gold to European nations after years of hoarding gold can only mean one thing. The elite feel they have solidified their gold position.”


Former White House Official Warns The World Is Dangerously Close To Collapse


The Coming Economic Collapse – Accompanied by Thievery, Murder and Cannibalism??


“The collapse will be more massive than the 1929 crash! There will be no breadlines, no government welfare, no handouts, your pensions will be cut off as will your social security. You may or may not have a job to go to, but even if you do, who will cash your check. After the coming crash, our society will be reduced to trading and bartering one hand and thievery, murder and cannibalism on the other.”


Get Prepared: 122 Of The Best Prepper Websites On The Internet


3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?


“A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” – Proverbs 22:3


China-Russia Axis ready to overthrow Dollar as World Reserve Currency??

china russia axis

“There is no doubt that Russia and China, plus the other Eurasian states in their sphere of influence are all accumulating gold and the indications are they see it as central to replacing the U.S. dollar for cross border trade.”


China Offers Russia Help With Currency Swap Suggestion


China Extends Forwards, Swaps Trading to Three More Currencies


Ditching US dollar: China, Russia launch financial tools in local currencies


The US Treasury is Ordering Survival Kits for US Bankers – What are they Expecting??


“Survival kits will be delivered to every major bank in the United States including Bank of America, American Express Bank, BMO Financial Corp., Capitol One Financial Corporation, Citigroup, Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Company, and Wells Fargo.”


Why Is The US Treasury Quietly Ordering “Surival Kits” For US Bankers?


Steve Quayle Live!!

sq (2)

“Many people are asking today when we will see the collapse of the U.S. economy. Whether you know it or not, you’re watching it take place before your very eyes. It is happening right now. And… it’s no accident, but it’s by design.”


The Coming Financial Collapse


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