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Inhuman, The Movie wins a Telly Award for Defender Films!!


Tom Horn and the Defender film team recently won a Telly Silver Award for their ground breaking film, Inhuman.  It was selected from some 13,000 entries, receiving the HIGHEST AWARD for a non-broadcast production (meaning it did not play in theaters or syndicated tv).

Inhuman is a shocking documentary on transhumanism that is an eye-opener for people who have no idea how far science is willing to go to create their own version of mankind. How close are we to seeing the Days of Noah up close and personal?


My ‘Perspective Underground’ Radio Interviews!!


Perspective Underground – “A Radio Program Bringing News, Truths And Views To Help You In Establishing and Maintaining Your Christian Worldview”


Perspective Underground 3_31_12


Perspective Underground 4_7_12


Podcast from Kevin and Co.


Kevin Johnson Obituary


Stem Cells made from Blood?? – Imagine the Possibilities!!

Dino Blood Cells

“Stem cells are one of the great hopes of medical research. They can transform into any other type of cell the body is built from – so they should be able to repair everything from the brain to the heart, and eyes to bone.”


14 extinct animals that could be resurrected


“I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfil my wrath.” – Isaiah 13:3 (Septuagint)


Curing Cancer by Genetically Creating Unicorns and other Chimeras??

Unicorn DNA

Scientists say that CRISPR-Cas9 may soon allow them to perform miraculous fixes to eliminate or alter mutations that cause everything from some cancers to Parkinson’s disease. More whimsically, the technology could be used to create, say, a unicorn, or a pig with wings; though it’s unlikely they could make swine fly. More nefariously, terrorists or the military might create pathogens that could harm far more people than splitting the atom has so far. Or, an accident could occur unintentionally.”


CRISPR-Cas9 Edit Technique For Mosquito That Transmits Chikungunya Yellow Fever


“But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” – Matthew 24:37


Google Genomics – Your Genome Storage in “The Cloud”??


“The search giant’s first product for the DNA age is Google Genomics, a cloud computing service that it launched last March but went mostly unnoticed amid a barrage of high profile R&D announcements from Google, like one late last month about a far-fetched plan to battle cancer with nanoparticles.”


Google Wallet use grows after Apple Pay launch


Google Developing a Pill That Would Detect Cancer and Other Diseases


Hitler Planned to Resurrect Extinct Giant Beasts – Nephilim??

hitlerbeasts“They were bigger and more atrocious and more vicious and that was one of the attractions, because Goring knew hunting those animals would be much more of a challenge than hunting say a fox or a hare. It was the ultimate hunting challenge.”


The Nazi breeding program that resurrected an extinct species

artificialgenetics“The first challenge to creating this alien life was to get cells to accept the foreign bases needed to maintain the molecule in DNA through repeated rounds of cell division, during which DNA is copied. The team engineered the bacterium Escherichia coli to express a gene from a diatom — a single-celled alga — encoding a protein that allowed the molecules to pass through the bacterium’s membrane.”


Weird Engineered Organism Has 6-Letter DNA

Transhumanism is Idolatry

transcendence“Transhumanism is a currently fashionable “movement” that believes we can transcend our humanity by hybridizing ourselves with machines such as computers. One such way of achieving transcendence is to upload our consciousness into a computer. Both of these beliefs are based upon the materialist assumption that there is no “spiritual” component or soulishness to humanity that transcends our material bodies.”


Go Behind the Science of ‘Transcendence’

“Sentencing a criminal to 1,000 years in an artificial hell may one day become a reality. At least, that is the claim of scientists at Oxford University who have been exploring controversial technologies that could extend human life. They say billions are being invested in techniques that could mean the cruellest criminals will be kept alive indefinitely in condition befitting their crime.”


What will jail terms be like when humans can live for centuries?

“The DNA testing will add very little to scientific knowledge, and it breaks agreements with Buckingham Palace made before the University got involved in the Richard III search.”


Richard III – The Whole Genome Sequence


Are they planning to clone him??


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