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Nephilm Mounds #3 Conference – September 12-13, 2015

Nephilm Mounds  3

“New material, occult history of ‘godmen’. Ancient Native Indians understanding of the ‘giants’. The trans human quest -science mix and the ascended masters meet. The ancient dark rituals done seeking to re create the nephilim. Future prophecy may predict ‘trans-humans- in the most diabolical sense play a part in the killing of 1/4 of mankind.. and more!”



The Nephilim Mounds 3 Conference is coming this September 12th and 13th! Come and meet the guys we all love so much—Russ Dizdar, L.A. Marzulli, Gary Stearman, Fritz Zimmerman, Chief Joseph Zimmerman—and Eric Wem!!



Midland Theater; 36 N Park Pl, Newark, Ohio 43055

$79 NOW, $89 After September 1st, $110 at the door September 12th 13th


Giants Return

Are Biblical ‘Giants’ Poised for Comeback?



Nephilim Mounds Tour – Sep. 2015??


Shasu – Ancient Canaanite Giants documented in Egyptian War Correspondence??

Shasu Warriors

“In one fascinating passage, a discussion takes place of an encounter in a Canaanite mountain pass. We are told that Egyptian forces came across Shasu warriors, whose height from nose to foot varied from 4 to 5 cubit. Egyptians often referred to the inhabitants of Canaan as the Shasu.”


Giants in the Old Testament


Shasu Spies

“It is one thing for Egyptian carvings to represent their Pharaohs with almost superhuman size. It is quite another for them to depict their enemies as such. Again, the Egyptians seem to be encountering forces of unusual height in their exploits in and around Canaan.”


ABC News – Archaeologists Discovered ‘Nazi Hideout’ in Argentina??


“Archaeologists say they’ve discovered what they believe to be a Nazi hideout in the middle of an Argentinian jungle.  Six researchers from the University of Buneos Aires and La Plata Museum found the ruins of what is believed to be a hideout in Teyu Cuare Park in northern Argentina near the border with Paraguay.”


Not only did Hitler flee to Argentina before the war ended, but did you know he had two daughters as well


Adolf Hitler Escaped to Argentina with the help of U.S. Intelligence Agents??


ON THE PATH OF THE IMMORTALS!! – Six-Toed Giants, Fallen Angels, And The Portals They Came Through??

Six Toed Giants


“Note that when the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy, the first five books of the Bible) was written around BC 1300, this would have been the same time when archaeologists believe the Anasazi, across the world from those Bible lands, were drawing giant, six-toed footprints on a slab wall in Utah and facing “an alien enemy” as the name “Anasazi” implies.”


Evidently Tom Horn and Cris Putnam have been involved in a top-secret project over the last 2 years involving specific geographic locations where supernatural gateways are purported to exist. They actually sent two teams of investigators to remote locations and wound up filming things they did not expect.


Tom Horn: His Upcoming Top-Secret Project


Acceleration TV – News, Archaeology, UFO Phenomena, and Prophecy!!

Acceleration TV

Acceleration TV is a brand new weekly video series from L.A. Marzulli. Exploring topics ranging from the latest cultural news to political “hot buttons,” from UFOs to strange archeological discoveries – and everything in between. Keep up with the latest events and discoveries taking place throughout your world, but that you will never find on your nightly “news.”


Acceleration TV – Episode #2


World’s First Computer was an Astronomical Calculator??


“Instead of hours and minutes, the hands displayed celestial time: one hand for the Sun, one for the Moon and one for each of the five planets visible to the naked eye—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. A rotating black and silver ball showed the phase of the Moon. Inscriptions explained which stars rose and set on any particular date. There were also two dial systems on the back of the case, each with a pin that followed its own spiral groove, like the needle on a record player. One of these dials was a calendar. The other showed the timing of lunar and solar eclipses.”


Solving the Riddles of an Early Astronomical Calculator


The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project


Prophecy Watchers – L.A. Marzulli: On the Trail of the Nephilim 2


“The Bible is full of strange and supernatural events. But there is none stranger than the events of the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis. Theologians have speculated and debated this bizarre passage of Scripture for thousands of years—and the debate rages on today hotter than ever! Best-selling author, L.A. Marzulli, lies at the root of this new paradigm, challenging the status quo of historical events and suggesting a cover-up of “gigantic” proportions.”


On The Trail of the Nephilim! – L.A. Marzulli [The Prophecy Forum]


Ancient Menorah Bracelet Fragment Discovered in Israel on Hanukkah??


“After cleaning, we were excited to discover that the bracelet, which is made of turquoise colored glass, is decorated with symbols of the seven-branched menorah—the same menorah which according to tradition was kept alight in the Temple for eight days by means of a single cruse of oil.”


Ancient Glass Bracelet Decorated with Menorahs Found in Israel


“At that time the Feast of Dedication [Hanukkah] took place at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple, in the colonnade of Solomon.” – John 10:22-23


Coming Summer 2015 – Finding Noah!!


“Shot in never-before filmed locations and in the harshest of conditions, this unprecedented feature-length documentary film shows just how far men are willing to go to discover the truth. But Finding Noah is more than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitation. These brave pioneers will have to push beyond myth, beyond science and beyond faith in order to succeed. They will experience pain, redemption and renewal on the journey that is Finding Noah.”


**It’s not the fake Russell Crowe Movie. It’s about real men, climbing a real mountain, in search of a real ark- Noah’s Ark.**


VFTB 230: Aaron Judkins – Finding Noah


Six Ancient Clay Seals Discovered – Linked to Biblical King David!!


“This could indicate that Biblical accounts of David and his son Solomon described real kings rather than the backwater chieftains considered more likely by some archaeologists.”


Discovery of official clay seals support existence of biblical kings David and Solomon


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