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Rick Warren wants Saddleback Church to sow “Seeds of Faith”??


“Developing a church growth philosophy of knowing the community, finding a need and filling it, Warren used non-traditional strategies like direct mail to make Saddleback one of the nation’s fastest growing churches.”


Ten Word of Faith Doctrines Weighed Against Scripture


“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil . . .” – 1 Timothy 6:10


Rick Warren promotes Mind Control of Pokemon Go at Saddleback??

Mind Control for The Sheeple

“There are currently 150 documented species of Pokemon. . . . Each Pokemon has its own special fighting abilities. . . . Some grow, or evolve, into even more powerful creatures.. . . Carry your pokemon with you, and you’re ready for anything! You’ve got the power in your hands, so use it!’”


Once Condemned as Evil, Pokémon Go Now Sending Lots of People to Church


Warren Pokemon

The Problem With Pokémon


The “Pokémon Go” craze has arrived in the Vatican


pope pokemon

Maybe the Pope will Baptise Pokémon, if it asks??


Is Pokemon Go Evil, Dangerous or Demonic?


How ‘Pokemon GO’ is taking tech into dangerous, uncharted waters


Pokémon GO – Sign of the End of Days, World needing a reboot by “Man of Peace”??


Prophecy Watchers Bobbleheads – Limited Edition Collector Items!!

Dunkin Bob


Stearman Bobblehead

The Prophecy Conference of the Year is Almost Here!

Gary and Bob 2

Gary and Bob go over all the final details of the upcoming prophecy conference.


Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference


3 Days until Ark Encounter opens AND Atheists Help Promote the Ark!

Ark Enc

“For the past few days, we’ve been running a countdown competition leading up to opening the world-class Ark Encounter themed attraction this Thursday, July 7. You can participate in this competition by sharing our Ark Encounter website with others, and be entered to win annual passes, combo passes to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, or a real silver Noah’s Ark coin. And it’s easy for you to enter—all we ask you to do is register your email address with us (create an account) and spread the word using our “share bar” about the Ark.”


NBC Nightly News – Go Inside the 7-Story Noah’s Ark Replica Being Built in Kentucky


LIVE!! – Gary Sterman and Bob Ulrich: Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference


“Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich of Prophecy Watchers talk about the upcoming Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference on July 15 – 17, and current events through a prophetic lens.”


Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference


Gary and Bob

Exclusive End Times Prophecy Conference with Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich


The Blind Leading the Blind creating False Converts to Christ??


“It recently came about that Donald Trump had finally given his life to Christ. In the words of James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, “I don’t know when it was, but it has not been long, and I believe [Donald Trump] really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian.” Now, Dobson is offering some “clarification” on Trump’s conversion to whichever Christianity it is he has converted to. Apparently, it was the Prosperity Gospel heretic, Paula White, who led him in this fruitless conversion. The megachurch pastrix told attendees at a recent Trump rally that Billy Graham had “prophesied over” Trump, declaring that he “loves God.”


James Dobson Walks Back Assertion Trump Is Christian: ‘Do I Know That for Sure? No.’


WOF Pope

The issue is NOT about Presidential Candidates, but the False Prophets and Teachers who claim to lead people to Christ, who only produce false converts, as they themselves are blind!!


“Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch?” – Luke 6:39


A 6,000 year old Telescope without a lens in Portugal – Antediluvian Technology!!

Prehistoric Telescope

“Astronomers are exploring what might be described as the first astronomical observing tool, potentially used by prehistoric humans 6,000 years ago. They suggest that the long, narrow entrance passages to ancient stone or megalithic tombs may have enhanced what early human cultures could see in the night sky – an effect that could have been interpreted as the ancestors granting special power to the initiated.”


A 6,000 year old telescope without a lens – prehistoric tombs enhanced astronomical viewing