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Chinese Yuan is NEW Global Reserve Currency – The End of the Dollar??

Yuan Global Reserve Currency

“The International Monetary Fund has officially designated the Chinese yuan a global reserve currency. That means that it joins an elite group of currencies — the dollar, the yen, the euro and the pound — in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket.”


IMF gives China’s currency prized reserve asset status


Rick Warren Wants a Return to Rome for Protestant Brethren??

Catholics Warren

“Warren’s answer certainly provides some understanding as to where his spiritual affinities lie, and it associates him with the Catholic contemplative prayer movement brought into the evangelical church through Richard Foster and Dallas Willard. Interestingly, in Warren’s first book, The Purpose Driven Church, he identified (and promoted) Foster and Willard as key players in that movement.”


Rick Warren Endorses “Catholics Come Home” Book – Calls Catholic Evangelization “Critically Important”


Catholics Come Home Book


RW Path to Rome

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” – James 1:8


Rockford Biyo Wallet Payments – First in the Midwest!!

Biyo Wallet

“You don’t need your phone, your keys, a scan card, all you need is your hand,” says Rager.  It’s called Biyo Technology. The device scans the unique pattern of the veins in our hands and we pay with our own identification.”–354186041.html


Pay with your hand | Biyo (formerly PulseWallet)


The Real ID Act, Biometric Scanning & How It Will Affect You!



Beast Tech: A Secret Plan To Mark The World?


Prophecy in the News – Terry Cook and Tom Horn: Beast Tech


“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” – Revelation 13:16-17


Southern Baptist Convention President – Speaking at IHOP-KC’s “Onething”??


“Ronnie Floyd’s appearance at Onething potentially opens Southern Baptist members to IHOP-KC influence . How many SBC members will be watching Onething online because Floyd will be speaking there?”


The SBC is Apostate!! – “Come out of her My people.” (Revelation 18:4)


Letter to the Editor: SBC President Ronnie Floyd to Speak At IHOP “Onething”


IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle–powerful evangelist for contemplative prayer


The Socialist ‘Oak Tree’ Agenda of Rick Warren, Rick Joyner and Jerry Boykin??

Warren Joyner Boykin

“Did you know that radical environmentalism, sustainable development, and the green agenda can be traced back to the socialist agenda of Nazi Germany? Did you know the holocaust was largely based on German paganism and the sacrifice of the Jews was seen by Hitler as a sacrifice for fertility and virility? Do you know that death camps were filled with oak trees as part of the symbolism of known German paganism? The sacrifice of the Jews and all others that were deemed genetically, mentally, and ethically inferior for the production of a superman race were also seen as a plight upon mother earth and thus must be sacrificed. “


The Oak Summit: The Dark Side of the Oak Tree


The Original Enviro-Nazis


Boykins Master

Jerry Boykin – Officer in the Vatican’s Jesuitical “Knights of Malta”


Will the Evangelical Church Sell Out the Gospel for a Dominionist Political Agenda?


The Gospel According to Dominionism


Lenin Earth Day

This Earth Day Celebrate Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday, and Plant a Tree!! – Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Premier after Joseph Stalin, decided in 1955 that the country should celebrate their national political philosophy, communism. He chose as the day, April 22, Vladimir Lenin’s birthday, a tribute to the founder of the Soviet Union. Soviet children used to honor his birthday by planting trees.


VFTB 249: Mark Musser – Nazi Oaks


Mark Musser: Hitler and Sustainable Development


Satanists ally with U.S. Muslims – Luciferian Conspiracy??

Luciferian Conspiracy

“The Satanic Temple has a message for alienated U.S. Muslims: Let’s be friends. American satanists who recently tried to install a bronze Baphomet statue near a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma now want to ally with alienated Muslims. The organization’s offer comes less than one week after Islamic terror attacks in Paris, France, killed 129 and injured more than 350.”


Satanic Temple Offers To Protect Muslims Fearing Backlash In Minneapolis And San Jose


Satanists in 2 US states offer Muslims helping hand amid growing Islamophobia


Muslims Are Satanists


 “Allah is Satan!!” – Avi Lipkin


NEW from Steve Quayle – EMPIRE Beneath the Ice

EMPIRE Beneath the Ice

“Why those controlling our planet have laid the groundwork for a takeover by a dictator who could best be described as the Antichrist of the Bible. Empire Beneath the Ice carefully documents these and many more astounding facts, divulging the truth about what is happening today. It gives you the insights to help prevent this diabolical takeover or, if it occurs, reveals the details and essential actions you and your loved ones must take. Empire Beneath the Ice exposes the dangers our world faces, and will arm you with the tools you need to counter these unspeakable, secret evils.“


Operation High Jump: As above, so below. They’re back.



High Jump – Mysteries in Antarctica


Coast to Coast AM – Steve Quayle: Secret Nazi Empire



The Common Sense Show – Steve Quayle: How the Nazis Won World War II


TRUNEWS – Steve Quayle: Empire Beneath The Ice


Steve Quayle & Tom Horn LIVE!!

Horn and Quayle Live

“Inhuman is not fiction or a mockudrama. It is a new investigative documentary from the internationally acclaimed team at Defender Films and Raiders News Productions. They travel the globe to unveil for the first time how breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy—including cybernetics, bioengineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, and synthetic biology—are poised to create mind-boggling game-changes to everything we have known until now about Homo sapiens.”


Steve Quayle & Tom Horn: Inhuman, the Men of Renown & You


On the Trail of the Allosaurus Dinosaur along Zimbabwe’s Ntumbe River??


“About 16in long and 12in wide, each footprint has three toes. We can clearly see that the toes were curved, with joints and claws. From examining the distances between the prints, we can deduce that the beast walked on two legs. And in one spot, where there is an indentation between two parallel prints, we see an indication that it had a balancing tail.”


Zimbabwe: Low Water Levels a Boon for Zim Dino Hunters


Classic TV Lives on FREE Over-the-Air Diginets!!

Classic TV

“Many cable networks abandoned classic TV shows once the baby boomers who watched them moved out of the 18-to-49 age group that advertisers covet most. That’s created an opening for multicast TV networks — the channels that viewers can watch over the air for free with a digital antenna — to come to their rescue.”


Why Leave It to Beaver Has Stations Seeing Green


Make Room For Vintage TV: Old Shows Enjoying Unprecedented Revival


Don’t touch that dial: Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Judy Garland are back on TV


Nashville’s Classic TV via FREE over-the-air channels; Antenna TV on 17.3, Cozi TV on 4.3, and ME-TV coming 2/1/2016 on 2.2!!


lava hd-2605

Lava Electronics HD-2605 UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote Control


Television antennas making a comeback




Antenna TV


Cozi TV


Music City TV

Music City Television


Nashville DTV News & More


The TeeVee Guyd


Classic TV Blog – Favorite Shows From The 50s 60s & 70s


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