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Net Neutrality = Threat to Your Freedom!!


“The FCC’s Democrat majority voted on Thursday to fix something that ain’t broken by approving new regulations for the Internet. Republicans are dissenting, darkly suggesting that the new rules in government hands are a threat.”


FCC Net Neutrality rules worst example of government intervention… ever


Doug Hagmann: “The End of the Alternative Media and Internet Free Speech Is Here”


Here are all 400 pages of the FCC’s net neutrality rules


Pay-TV Viewers Switching to On-Demand TV in Record Numbers??


“Television executives started sounding the alarm last autumn when Viacom, 21st Century Fox, Comcast, which owns NBC Universal, and Walt Disney began reporting lower advertising revenues for some or all of their networks. Todd Juenger, senior analyst with Bernstein Research, called the ratings declines “alarming” and “unprecedented.”


This Is Why SkyWatchTV Will Also Have A ROKU Channel!!


informitv Multiscreen Index: Netflix continues to outpace Pay-TV


SkyWatchTV – Sharon Gilbert: Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse


“Could Ebola Or Another Virus Become A Bioweapon? Is This What The 4th Horseman Of The Apocalypse Will Use? Gary Stearman sits down with Christian biologist and SkyWatchTV Science reporter Sharon Gilbert to discuss what the Bible says about the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Is he preparing his ride?”


Sharon Gilbert & Steve Quayle: Ebola – the Blood Serpent


Weekend Vigilante – Steve Quayle: Little Creatures; The Gates of Hell Are Opening

little creatures

“Highly acclaimed author, researcher and watchman Steve Quayle joins Sheila for an in depth analysis of his latest book, Little Creatures: The Gates of Hell Are Opening in which Steve examines the legends and fairytales surrounding little creatures and reveals how these tales provide clues and secrets that can be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle to give us an amazing picture of our past and a preview of our future, as well as the true nature of the supernatural creatures and the implications for us today.”


The Internet of Things – Connected Phones, Homes, Cars, and… Bodies?


“As the Internet of Things evolves and becomes the Internet of Us, security expert Kaspersky Lab has teamed up with Swedish bio-hacking community BioNyfiken to uncover the realities of connecting our bodies to the Internet.”


The Internet of Things Will Change Everything


Acceleration TV – News, Archaeology, UFO Phenomena, and Prophecy!!

Acceleration TV

Acceleration TV is a brand new weekly video series from L.A. Marzulli. Exploring topics ranging from the latest cultural news to political “hot buttons,” from UFOs to strange archeological discoveries – and everything in between. Keep up with the latest events and discoveries taking place throughout your world, but that you will never find on your nightly “news.”


Acceleration TV – Episode #2


Prophecy Watchers: Ready for Takeoff!! – Nationwide Next Week!!

PW Takeoff

Prophecy Watchers!! – Starting March 3rd on CTN (Christian Television Network), and then every Tuesday @ 8pm (CT).  And, for a sneak peek at the new opening sequence:




Southern Baptist Apostates in Action!!


“A prominent Southern Baptist leader who raised concerns last year after he advised that Christians should support the rights of other religions and also traveled to the Vatican for an interfaith conference on marriage is now stating that probate judges in Alabama should either follow the recent federal ruling in favor of “gay marriage” or resign.”


Russell Moore, Rick Warren to Join ‘Pope Francis’ With Muslims, Buddhists for Interfaith Conference


New Exhibit at Universal Studios Japan – ‘Attack on Titan’ complete with Cannibalistic Giants??

Attack on Titan

“Statues depicting the grisly monsters, which regularly chase down and devour the human protagonists of Wit Studio’s popular series, have been constructed for a special exhibit at Universal Studios Japan.”


Universal Studios ‘Attack on Titan: The Real Exhibit’ Launching in Japan


Getting People Used To The Idea Of Giants In Perth


Steve Quayle & Tim Alberino Live!!

Gensix Days of Noah

“Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino will be sharing the exclusive and amazing details of Genesis 6 Productions’ recent expedition to Sardinia in search of historically large skeletons and pyramids… those you have never heard about, and will identify those who control the content of history books and television documentaries fight to keep from your view.”


Star Gates, Pyramids, Giants & Atlantis: Suppression of History


The Giants’ Tomb of Coddu Vecchiu

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