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Why are Pastors reluctant to teach End of the Age Prophecy??


“This is a rebellious people, Lying children, Children who will not hear the law of the Lord; Who say to the seers, “Do not see,” And to the prophets, “Do not prophesy to us right things; Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits.” – Isaiah 30:9-10


Six unique End Times instances where events are fulfilling prophecy, but no one is talking about it:

  • The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming
  • Rapture Precedes Israel’s Final ‘WEEK’ of History
  • Eternal Security: God’s Anchor In A Brutal Storm
  • End Times’ Judgment On Iraq (Babylon) Worse Than Believed Possible – Isaiah 13
  • Israels Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians
  • America Identified In Prophecy: Economic Babylon of Revelation 18


Southwest Radio Ministries – David Bay: Prophecies Churches Are Ignoring





Prophecy Watchers – Tom Hughes: Why Prophecy is not Being Taught in Churches


The Federal Reserve Is Signaling the End of the Dollar??

End of the Dollar

“The sudden and voluminous transfer of wealth, as represented by European national interests marks the end of the hoarding of gold by elite. The payout of gold to European nations after years of hoarding gold can only mean one thing. The elite feel they have solidified their gold position.”


Former White House Official Warns The World Is Dangerously Close To Collapse


Prophecy Watchers – L.A. Marzulli: On the Trail of the Nephilim 2


“The Bible is full of strange and supernatural events. But there is none stranger than the events of the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis. Theologians have speculated and debated this bizarre passage of Scripture for thousands of years—and the debate rages on today hotter than ever! Best-selling author, L.A. Marzulli, lies at the root of this new paradigm, challenging the status quo of historical events and suggesting a cover-up of “gigantic” proportions.”


On The Trail of the Nephilim! – L.A. Marzulli [The Prophecy Forum]


SkyWatchTV: Investigating “Forbidden Subjects” – Coming January 2015!!


“Because denominational Christianity is mostly afraid of touching these issues, their own church members often seek out the information from dangerous sources such as the New Age. They wind up in dark circles online, can get confused and maybe even lose their faith. We want to stand in the gap against that possibility.”


P.I.D. Radio 12/21/14: Partnering With Skywatch TV


Long time broadcasters Derek & Sharon Gilbert join Sky Watch Television team



Ancient Menorah Bracelet Fragment Discovered in Israel on Hanukkah??


“After cleaning, we were excited to discover that the bracelet, which is made of turquoise colored glass, is decorated with symbols of the seven-branched menorah—the same menorah which according to tradition was kept alight in the Temple for eight days by means of a single cruse of oil.”


Ancient Glass Bracelet Decorated with Menorahs Found in Israel


“At that time the Feast of Dedication [Hanukkah] took place at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple, in the colonnade of Solomon.” – John 10:22-23


Calling Sky Captain!! – Russian ‘Noah’s Ark’ to store DNA of All Living Things??


“I call the project ‘Noah’s Ark.’ It will involve the creation of a depository – a databank for the storing of every living thing on Earth, including not only living, but disappearing and extinct organisms. This is the challenge we have set for ourselves,” MSU rector Viktor Sadivnichy told journalists. The gigantic ‘ark’, set to be completed by 2018, will be 430 sq km in size, built at one of the university’s central campuses.”


Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow – Trailer


“But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” – Matthew 24:37


The Coming Economic Collapse – Accompanied by Thievery, Murder and Cannibalism??


“The collapse will be more massive than the 1929 crash! There will be no breadlines, no government welfare, no handouts, your pensions will be cut off as will your social security. You may or may not have a job to go to, but even if you do, who will cash your check. After the coming crash, our society will be reduced to trading and bartering one hand and thievery, murder and cannibalism on the other.”


Get Prepared: 122 Of The Best Prepper Websites On The Internet


3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?


“A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” – Proverbs 22:3


China-Russia Axis ready to overthrow Dollar as World Reserve Currency??

china russia axis

“There is no doubt that Russia and China, plus the other Eurasian states in their sphere of influence are all accumulating gold and the indications are they see it as central to replacing the U.S. dollar for cross border trade.”


China Offers Russia Help With Currency Swap Suggestion


China Extends Forwards, Swaps Trading to Three More Currencies


Ditching US dollar: China, Russia launch financial tools in local currencies


Coming Summer 2015 – Finding Noah!!


“Shot in never-before filmed locations and in the harshest of conditions, this unprecedented feature-length documentary film shows just how far men are willing to go to discover the truth. But Finding Noah is more than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitation. These brave pioneers will have to push beyond myth, beyond science and beyond faith in order to succeed. They will experience pain, redemption and renewal on the journey that is Finding Noah.”


**It’s not the fake Russell Crowe Movie. It’s about real men, climbing a real mountain, in search of a real ark- Noah’s Ark.**


VFTB 230: Aaron Judkins – Finding Noah


Six Ancient Clay Seals Discovered – Linked to Biblical King David!!


“This could indicate that Biblical accounts of David and his son Solomon described real kings rather than the backwater chieftains considered more likely by some archaeologists.”


Discovery of official clay seals support existence of biblical kings David and Solomon


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