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Pope Francis Warns – Gaia Will Not Forgive Us!!


“God always forgives, but the earth does not,” the Argentine pope told the Second International Conference on Nutrition (CIN2) in Rome, a three-day meeting aimed at tackling malnutrition, a global scourge which afflicts poor and rich alike.”


Pope Francis To Begin Championing Gaia-Based Global Religion In 2015



“Who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” – Romans 1:25


A Ten-Muslim State Confederacy based in Istanbul – Coming Soon??

Hologram Erdogan

“Erdogan expressed his desire to catapult Turkey into an Islamic Empire stemming from Istanbul and covering the entire Muslim world in support of the Caliphate dream map of a ten-Muslim state confederacy.”


Erdogan says Muslims, not Columbus, discovered Americas


Brave Woman Interrupted Muslim Service at National Cathedral!!


“Jesus Christ died on that cross over there,” the unidentified woman declared as she stood in the front of the room. “He is the reason why we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! We have built, and allowed you here in mosques across this country. Why can’t you worship in your mosque, and leave our churches alone?”


Christian booted from National Cathedral speaks out


Muslims Chant to Remove Jesus at Washington’s National Cathedral


Christine Weick – Desecration of the Washington Cathedral and the One Brave Woman Who Spoke Out!


Christine Weick: brave Tennessean witness for Christ and a most shameful day for America


Obama’s speech tonight on Illegals will be carried only by Spanish-language networks??


“Cable news networks are expected to carry the address, as is the Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo. The White House also downplayed the fact that the high-profile immigration address won’t be aired live on the big broadcast networks.”


‘I had promised’: Obama to announce executive action on immigration Thursday in primetime speech


In the name of Unity!! – Pope Francis announces his visit to U.S. in 2015


“Pope Francis quest to unite professing Christianity with the Roman Catholic system continues unchecked with his announcement yesterday that he will come to America in 2015 to be the keynote speaker at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. This week he is holding a global ecumenical conference featuring Muslim leaders, pagans, and Chrislam founder Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in California. Building the One World Religion is hard work, but Francis is making more progress than any other pope before him.”


Pope Francis Announces His Coming to America then BAM all Hell Breaks Loose


Perhaps the Pope will make a stop at Saddleback??


“Pope Francis is doing everything right.” – Rick Warren on Roman Catholic EWTN network


Pope Francis invites ‘blasphemous’ singer who ‘dissed Jesus’ on SNL to perform at Vatican


Pope Francis’ Interreligious Conference – Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Rick Warren??


“Right now, the Body of Christ doesn’t know whether to evangelize Roman Catholics or to join hands with them to go out and evangelize the world, [and] it’s because of people like Rick Warrren who either don’t know how exclusive the gospel of grace is, or he’s not aware of the false and fatal gospel of the Roman Catholic religion.”


What do Rick Warren, Russell Moore, Muslims, Mormons and the Pope have in common?


“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?” – 2 Corinthians 6:14


Ironic!! – Pope warns ‘lukewarm Christians’ they will be vomited out of The Lord’s mouth??


“Pope Francis warned there are too many people who live their lives as Christians in name only, and that such ‘false’ Christians are merely Pagans and “enemies of the Cross.”


Pope Kisses Skin, Blood Relics in Declaring ‘Sainthood’ to John Paul II, John XXIII


“Pope Francis is doing everything right.” – Rick Warren on Roman Catholic EWTN network


Ebola – the Blood Serpent and the coming Horsemen of the Apocalypse


“Sharon Gilbert provides us with great detail about the virus itself, its history and potential future as it gallops across the earth, perhaps hitching a ride with the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. She does so by combining her background in molecular biology with her extensive study of biblical prophecy. What emerges is a frightening yet compelling picture of a chapter ripped directly from the Book of Revelation.”


Sharon K. Gilbert & Steve Quayle: Ebola – the Blood Serpent


Willful Ignorance


“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” – Hosea 4:6


What You Don’t Know Can Kill You


America now enters the two most dangerous years – in 150 years??


“Disowned by Democrats and made to feel irrelevant in this election, President Obama’s enormous and unjustified ego is deeply wounded. He is frustrated and feels caged, cornered. This is when people like him are most dangerous.”


Viguerie: Executive amnesty will ‘ignite a civil war’


Red alert…..Obama will defiantly shout, “Alea iacta est!”


Dave Daubenmire — Is The Man In the White House Mentally Ill?


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