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popewarren“While it may be a stretch to suggest Warren will become the pied piper that unites all the world religions for a common cause, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that Warren could be a major spokesperson for persuading evangelicals to join together with Roman Catholics.”


Tony Blair courts controversial US pastor Rick Warren in bid to unite faiths

vaticandavid“A Knesset Member said Thursday that Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef told him that the Prime Minister’s bureau contacted him and asked to grant halakhic permission for Israel to hand over the Tomb of David to the Vatican.”


Government Plan to Hand King David’s Tomb to the Vatican?

transcendence“Transcendence proposes the possibility of someone living in another world, that which is beyond our space-time continuum, living according to its own reality. And further, gives a series of possible consequences of someone living in an AI world.”


Transcendence Movie: The Idolatry of Transhumanism


Hawking: AI breakthrough could end civilization

vatica3“Scientific theories and religion look set to collide in a talk by leading papal astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ. The acclaimed astronomer and Jesuit will share why astronomical research is so important to the Vatican.”


Vatican scientists co-host conference in Arizona seeking alien life in universe

illuminatifounderDr. Adam Weishaupt founded “The Order of the Illuminati” on May 1, 1776. It was no accident, because May 1st is considered a “High Sabbath Day” among Witches.


May Day: An ancient celebration with pagan roots


“And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.” – 2 Corinthians 11:14

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