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Pope Francis to ‘Recognize Palestine’ during Israel Pilgrimage??

Palestine“Palestinian Authority (PA) and Arab Christian sources are already celebrating Pope Francis’s visit to Israel starting next Sunday, saying his choice to begin the trip directly in PA-held Bethlehem is meant to “recognize Palestine” and “oppose the occupation.”

The Institute of Christian Apologetics – Contending for the Faith

contenderIn the past I have been asked if I had a “group” in Nashville to discuss the topics that I post on Facebook and my Website. My answer, not yet, but if I had one it would be like Mount Carmel Outreach in Rockford, IL. I consider MCO/ICA influential in my life by shaping my worldview into a “Biblical Worldview.”


“Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” – Jude 1:3


Are You Prepared for a Supernatural Worldview??

supernatural“If “paranormal” really is “the new normal,” as most leading scholars agree, then Christians face a dilemma in searching for the appropriate level of skepticism amid surprising evidences that support a Supernatural Worldview. While culture abounds with everything from ghosts to space aliens and all sorts of fantastic nonsense, foundational Christian tenets such as the Resurrection and fulfilled prophecy can be counted among the most incredible supernatural phenomena of all.”


Supernatural Worldview: Are You Ready For The Paranormal Paradigm?

The Pentagon has a ‘Zombie Survival Plan’??

Zombie Apocalypse“Buried on the military’s secret computer network is an unclassified document, obtained by Foreign Policy, called “CONOP 8888.” It’s a zombie survival plan, a how-to guide for military planners trying to isolate the threat from a menu of the undead — from chicken zombies to vegetarian zombies and even “evil magic zombies” — and destroy them.”


Zombie Apocalypse — Rise of Demonic Possession

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The Coming War – Between True Believers and the False Church

BloodAltar“If recent activity is any indication, it may not be long before “one nation under God” joins those red-listed countries where Bible-based believers find themselves under the most severe discrimination. Indeed, National Review Online recently posted a critical review by Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, who cites the 2014 World Watch List (which ranks the fifty nations where Christians are most persecuted) to determine that the U.S. has become “the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today.”

Net Neutrality – FCC to Micromanage Internet??

net-neutrality“The FCC cannot micromanage how every content provider gets information onto the Web. Provisions established when Comcast purchased NBC Universal have already failed. And even if such restrictions could withstand legal challenges, enforcement would take years in each case, by which time businesses would be shut and innovation squelched.”


The Internet’s 51 New Regulators

Rabbi and Sheikh to join Pope’s Holy Land trip??

o-POPE“It is the first time a pope has made an official visit accompanied by members of other faiths, and it underscores the interfaith focus of Francis’ trip to the Holy Land.”


Pope Francis to be accompanied by rabbi, Muslim in Holy Land in sign of interfaith friendship

Mainstream Media – Corporate Mind Control??

mindcontrol“The best advice for anyone seeking to understand current events is to look at the history and realities behind them, and to look at media not controlled by the five conglomerates. Media – including print, television, and internet – is available in multiple languages including English from Russia, China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, the Middle East, Brazil, and other countries. You can easily find this media by internet search. No doubt all media contains bias; but at least your mind will not be shaped solely by the US narrative.”


Five American Companies control 90% of the Media!!

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Pope Francis will gain more control over King David’s Tomb??

popeanddavid“Rabbi Sevilla was asked to open a room at the complex recently, ahead of a conference with Tourism Minister Uzi Landau and other officials over Pope Francis’s upcoming visit. The Holy See is already scheduled to hold Mass at the site during the two-day visit, in the Cenacle, or room alleged to be the site of Jesus’s Last Supper, one floor above King David’s Tomb.”


Alarm over Reported Deal with Vatican for David’s Tomb

White Stone Remnant Conference is SOLD OUT!! – now taking Pre-orders for DVD Set!!

whitestonerem16 Hours of Conference footage and individual interviews with speakers, Steve Quayle, Russ Dizdar, Pastor John Kyle, Pastor David Lankford and Greg Evensen.  Special guest interviews to be announced.


Focus of the White Stone Remnant Conference:

End Times Spiritual Warfare

1.What are we facing that will make the hearts of man fail?

2.How do we prepare for such times as these?

3.Where is the battle front?

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