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BLOOD ON THE ALTAR – The Coming War On Born Again Believers

BloodAltar“Between now and that climactic encounter when the supernatural battle spoken of in the Bible’s books of prophecy begins in earnest, we can expect the divide between religious and authentic Christianity to deepen. It is hard for us to imagine that in places like the United States true believers could someday be burned alive in churches, but it is happening in Nigeria now. It is hard for us to perceive that some might be beheaded, but this is a reality in Syria today. We can hardly fathom good people being crucified alive, but Pakistani Christians are living with this nightmare now. And in the United States, that city on a hill once listed among the safest locations on earth for Christians, a tide of anti-Christ sentiment has in only the last few years pushed this country into a category recently reserved for only those governments that restrict and criminalize expressions of real Christianity.”

“We did it!” – Interfaith Hug at the Western Wall

unholyhugThe Rabbi, the Muslim leader and the Pope met each other in Buenos Aires. For years, the three have worked together to foster greater understanding between their faiths. With this simple gesture, they showed that this type of action is possible.


Interfaith prayer for peace will take place at Vatican on June 8, 2014


SBC Dominionism in the name of Faith-Based Freedom??

Dominionism Warren“Best keep an eye out because as the visible Christian church moves further away from its mission to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of Christ Jesus (cf. Matthew 28:16-20), and as the United States becomes more and more secular, the fight for faith-based freedoms is very likely to produce some really strange bedfellows.”


What is Dominionism?


The Bilderberg Group meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark – May 29-June 1

bilderberg“Items on the agenda include “The future of democracy and the middle-class trap”, “The new architecture of the Middle East” and the major geopolitical crisis of the moment: “Ukraine”. The secretive nature of the Bilderberg Conference has triggered suspicions that the event is used to shape global policy at the expense of democratic oversight. The idea of the euro was said to have been spawned at one meeting in the Nineties.”–or-conspiracy-9449477.html


“Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing?” – Psalm 2:1

Second Temple Artifacts hidden away at the Vatican??

popetemple“Talmudic sources, including passages from Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Yossi, note that several of the holy vessels from the Second Temple ended up in the Vatican’s hands, Rabbi Shtenzel said. Artifacts said to be transferred to the religious city-state via the Roman Emperor include the shulchan (Showbread table), the menorah (candelabra), several priestly garments, and others.”

Israel to Become the World’s First Cashless Society??

Netanyahu Francis “A special committee headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff, Harel Locker, has recommended a three-phase plan to all but do away with cash transactions in Israel.”


Israel aims to restrict use of cash to fight money laundering


“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,  and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” – Rev. 13:16-17

Vatican Peace Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Next Month??

popepeace -“Pope Francis plunged Sunday into Mideast politics during his Holy Land pilgrimage, calling the current stalemate in peace efforts “unacceptable” and winning the acceptance from the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to pay a symbolic visit to the Vatican next month to pray for peace.”


The politically tone-deaf pope

Pope Francis’ Western Wall Visit Included Interfaith Buddies – Rabbi and Sheik!!!

poperabbisheik“The master stroke ahead of this trip was Pope Francis’ idea of bringing his friends from Argentina, Jewish Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim Professor Omar Abboud with him to better understand the complex political and religious problems the region. And as the papal plane takes off again this evening, the lasting image I’m taking away from Jerusalem is the sight of the pope and his two friends with tears in their eyes, arms clutched around each other’s shoulders, daring to hope that peace really is possible, even in this troubled Holy Land.”


King Abdullah II: Pope Francis is Leader in Coexistence Cause!!

abdullahfrancis“Indeed, the world is rich with people of good will, who seek to uphold human dignity and peaceful coexistence. Let me acknowledge, with gratitude, your leadership in this cause. You have committed yourself to dialogue, especially with Islam. Muslims everywhere appreciate your messages of esteem and friendship. In addition to being the successor of Saint Peter, Your Holiness, you have become a conscience for the whole world.”


Pope’s Sheikh – “It’s a long time since the world has had such a strong spiritual leader”

strongspiritualleader“He described the Pope’s decision to invite a Jew and a Muslim to accompany him on his three-day visit to Amman, Bethlehem and Jerusalem as “one of the strongest gestures that has been seen, and it seems to me that it is on a universal scale given that he makes it in the most conflictive region of the planet.”


Pope Francis will take rabbi and Muslim leader with him to Holy Land

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