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“The 72-year-old star will voice Samyaza, the leader of the fallen angels the Nephilim, in the Biblical epic starring Russell Crowe as the hero who builds a giant ark to save his family from the end of the world. The CGI angel Nephilim is apparently 11ft tall with six arms and no wings.”


Abaddon – Apollyon- Fallen Angel- Samyaza


Do Our Pets Go to Heaven? is a book intended to explore the relationship between you and your pets…to, as far as possible, embrace the understanding that the death of those wonderful family members we love so much can be the door to a forever that is filled with unending love.


PITN: Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?


PITN: Heavenly Pets

“Organizations like the Telos Group and the large Christian nonprofit World Vision have joined a small army of ministers and Christian opinion-makers working to reorient Evangelicals’ stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”


The Pro-Palestinian Campaign to Woo US Evangelicals


“I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3

Rabbi Kaduri Said that Messiah would not come till after Sharon’s Death…after 8 years in a coma Sharon dies as he buried Israel has an earthquake…this and much more. “Remember we do not 100% agree with everything our guests, say, do, or believe. It is up to you to pray and sort it out!” Another do not Miss End-Time Radio program as “We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!”


C2C – Carl Gallups: Messianic Prophecy



Blood red moons and the prophecies of Rabbi Kaduri — a cautionary note


Stetzer regularly hosts Praise the Lord and is currently planning three more shows for the Spring. Stetzer is the author of multiple books including his upcoming release, Transformational Groups (B&H Publishing Group), which he co-authored with Eric Geiger, Vice President of the Church Resource Division at LifeWay.”


Matt Chandler with Ed Stetzer and Priscilla Shirer Tonight on TBN


Are These Ancient Elongated Skulls Human??

“Ancient texts have been telling us about these “hybrid beings” for thousands of years.  There are even some ancient Indian traditions that claim that these creatures were in North America before the Indians were.  In fact, there is even one ancient Indian tradition about a war between a tribe of Indians and a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants.”


PITN: On the Trail of the Nephilim & Watchers 6


The Internet was Invented by Who??

“Technology experts cite various government agencies — as well as a handful of individuals — that have played an instrumental role in creating what we know today as the Internet.”


Lessons In Innovation: How Was The Internet Invented?


Al Gore | Internet Hall of Fame


NSA Spying on Offline Computers with Radio Waves??

“The technology, which the agency has used since at least 2008, relies on a covert channel of radio waves that can be transmitted from tiny circuit boards and USB cards inserted surreptitiously into the computers. In some cases, they are sent to a briefcase-size relay station that intelligence agencies can set up miles away from the target.”


NSA reportedly using radio waves to snoop on offline computers worldwide


“For US$3.2 billion, Google bought Nest, owned by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, in a move that puts the multinational power into the home-hardware business, offering it further access to the behavior of those who use its web services.”–hardware-nest-603


“Paranoia or privacy? Some people are pledging to return their Nest thermostat now that Google is buying the company that makes the popular “smart home” device for $3.2 billion in cash. Their reasoning: Buying Nest Labs could help Google Hoover up a whole lot more of our personal information to slice and dice for advertisers. Google already understands everything about our online behavior — and that knowledge is what it sells to advertisers.”

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Secret Science of the Third Reich used by NASA??

“Is it possible Hitler’s quest for world domination was aided and abetted by ancient extraterrestrial technology that was rediscovered? And could the allegedly rebuilt alien devices developed in Germany have played a role in America’s ability to land a man on the moon?”


Operation Paperclip: US Harbored Nazi War Criminals after World War II

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