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The Watchers: Revelation

Is a race of benign extraterrestrials secretly influencing the world’s governments? Are these creatures really ancient aliens sent to protect humanity from self-destruction, or are they evil beings set on deception as the world approaches its final days?


The Watchers: Revelation (Trailer)

Rich Mullins – July 1997

Here is a photo I took of Rich Mullins in July 1997 at Cornerstone Festival, as guest vocalist during the Third Day set. This was two months before he was killed.


Third Day & Rich Mullins – Step By Step, Live @ Cornerstone ’97

Steve Quayle Live!!

The Person, Power & Presence of the Holy Spirit


‘Who you gonna call?’

“Currently, America and much of the world is experiencing what would have seemed impossible just 50 years ago: an explosion of ancient occultism and wicked fascination with all things paranormal by today’s spiritually abandoned public.”


PITN – Tom Horn: God’s Ghostbusters

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U.S. Churches: Agents of the State??

“What do we see today? We see pastors and churches once again becoming the pawns of evil men in government. Pastors are not so much messengers of God and watchmen on the wall as much as they are agents of the state. They are not so much shepherds who fight and give their lives for the sheep as much as they are facilitators of the wolves who seek to prey on the sheep.”


History Of 501c3 Government Licensing Of Churches


“If you told people 20 years ago that they would be carrying computers all the time, they would have said, ‘I don’t want that. I don’t need that.’ Now you can’t get them to stop. There are a lot of things that have to be done first but I think [implanting chips into human brains] is well within the scope of possibility.”


Intel – The Tomorrow Project


“It causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead.” – Revelation 13:16

“I believe we have a minimum of two years (2011) and a maximum of five years (2014) to get prepared and get our own household in order for what I believe will be the greatest financial wipeout human history has ever witnessed.” – Dr. Larry Bates (2009)

1. Get out of Debt

2. Get Liquid (Cash Reserve/Gold and Silver)

3. 90 Day Food Supply/Water Purifier

4. Position Family in Safe Place (Rural)

5. Share Information/Understand the Times

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Food Bank CEO warns of Food Stamp Riots

“The US food stamp system is to be reduced by $5 billion starting in November. The average benefit will shrink and the overall number of people receiving it will diminish by millions. The CEO of America’s largest food bank says the cuts will end in riots.”


Where NOT to Be When It Hits the Fan!!



“A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” – Proverbs 22:3

China’s ‘de-Americanized world’??

“China is already the world’s largest trading nation, exporter, and creditor, and it is soon expected to overtake the US as the largest oil importer and the world’s largest economy, but further institutional and regulatory reform is needed to mitigate risk and increase efficiency before the renminbi can contend as a top trading currency.”


China: ‘De-Americanised’ world needed after U.S. Shutdown

NWO Super Soldier – Superhero or Supervillain?

“Taiwanese Special Forces and a select few other military units recently received updated bulletproof armor that includes a ballistic face mask that serves to protect operators from lethal headshots and to reduce fighting effectiveness of opposing forces, seemingly by causing them to immediately curl into the fetal position and cry for their mothers.”


Taiwanese soldiers wearing ballistic masks look like ‘the cavalry from hell’

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