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Steve Quayle Live!!

Warnings of God’s Impeding Judgements


Vatican Constitution to be Rewritten by Pope??

“But Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the group’s leader, said as the meeting loomed they were planning to go much further that just changing “this and that.” “No, that constitution is over,” he said in a TV interview. “Now it is something different. We need to write something different,” he added.”


“Smart mobile devices are increasingly becoming a dashboard for our health, whether that means tracking our exercise, diet, or medicine compliance, or phone cases that can capture and transmit your critical bio-data.”


Personal Monitor System Could Change Healthcare


“A mysterious fire which destroyed North America’s greatest ancient civilization has led to fascinating discoveries about social tensions, violent tendencies and religious practices within the society. The city of Cahokia, whose secrets lie underneath where St Louis, Missouri now stands, was ruined by a huge blaze around the year 1170 CE.”


Cahokia: North America’s First City

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When a former police detective (Terry L. Cook) joined a best selling prophecy writer and investigator (Thomas R. Horn), you can’t even guess what top secret Gov. plan they uncovered FOR THE YEAR 2017!


BEAST TECH – Investigation into secret project aimed at 2017


“The realm of prehistory remains largely untouched by the scientific community, yet sites and artifacts have emerged around the world, nullifying current history books and baffling academics everywhere.”


Top Eleven Mysterious Mysteries of the Pre-Columbian Americas


Why Are Many Pastors Today Wimps??

“Most pastors today are in reality not spiritual shepherds as much as they are corporate CEOs. The same mentality, philosophy, and strategy that drive corporate boardrooms also drive the boardrooms of modern churches–to a tee. Pastors act like CEOs, dress like CEOs, talk like CEOs, manage like CEOs, and think like CEOs.”


“But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.” – Acts 5:29

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“As personal digital assistant apps such as Google Now become widespread, so does the idea of algorithms that can not only meet but anticipate our needs.”


Getting to know Google Now’s newest features


Google to extend human life??

“The Mountain View, Calif.-based company is planning to launch Calico, a new firm that will attempt to solve some of health care‘s most vexing problems. One of the independent venture’s major initiatives will be significantly expanding human lifespan.”


Google vs. Death

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“The weapons landscape is going through major changes as startups invent precision rifles, high-tech scopes, gun-centric iPhone adapters, and pistols that require fingerprint authorization.”


TrackingPoint, Inc.


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